On Crystals, Telepathy and the 3-Time Rule

When I hear myself making claims that I can “hear” crystals, it is all I can do to believe myself. I sound outrageous to my own ears! Crystals communicate with me telepathically and telepathy is one of my strongest ESP abilities. How I came to accept my telepathic skills is another story – this is the story of how I came to finally admit (“accept” isn’t the right word yet) that I can “hear” crystals.

One day, when I was still working at home, I had a client, Daphne. Daphne was prone to recurring sinus infections. As I was working I found myself wishing for a dark green crystal: “If I had a dark green crystal, I could move this infection,” I thought. Straight after that, the following words manifested in my mind: “I’m in the mailbox, come and get me.” This was a pretty weird thought, so I ignored it. I was hardly planning to run out of a session to look in the mailbox.

A little later, I again wished for a dark green crystal, and again, the words manifested inside my head, this time a little more insistent: “I’m in the mailbox, come and get me.” To which I thought: “Nonsense!” The third time that I wished for the dark green Crystal the voice was rather terse and shrill, like a frustrated mother calling her child in for dinner: “I’m in the mailbox! Come and get me!”

During the development of my intuitive faculties I developed a “3-time” rule — if I get the same message 3 times in a session, like it or not, I act on it. Consequently, I told Daphne that apparently there was a crystal in the mailbox that could help her sinus infection and I was just going to go out and get it.

To say I felt crazy is an understatement. To make matters worse, I wasn’t sure which possibility I preferred: A crystal shouting messages at me from the mailbox or evidence that I was losing my marbles.

I opened the mailbox and to my surprise there was a priority mail package waiting inside. I took the package inside, cut it open, and out popped a gorgeous, dark green vivianite crystal, in the shape of a ‘v.’ The vivianite efficiently “thinned” the sinus infection, and Daphne’s sinuses were able to drain.

The vivianite crystal had been sent to me by a former client. I had no idea that she had mailed it, let alone that it had arrived. I had no way to hide from the proof that I had truly heard the crystal calling me from the mailbox.

My ability to hear crystals has continued to develop and I am amazed at the accuracy and relevance of the messages from the mineral kingdom, messages which I will be glad to share with you here.