Nuumit – Holds Wisdom of the Complexity and Depth of Human Consciousness

The healing properties of Nuumit. Today we’re going to talk to Nuumit  – a stone which has the distinction of being “the oldest living mineral” on our planet, and Nuumit, which comes from Greenland, is apparently over 3 billion years old. To get that into perspective, Earth is apparently 4.5 billion years old.

When it comes to billions, I have to admit that I’m out of my depth – I mean really, such a number has no meaning for me other than to say “very,” as in this is a “very old mineral.” So here I am, holding a piece of Nummit in my hand, and I’m telling myself: “I’m holding a stone that is 3 billion years old, and that is ‘very old’ indeed!” It is so mind-boggling for me that I’m simply speechless … but hopefully not for too long.

I guess a great place to start, is with how it feels. Nuumit is heavy, it is substantial. When I hold Nuumit, it feels instantly comforting. The longer that I hold it, the deeper the sense of comfort goes. I can definitely feel the stone is grounding me – earthing me – so that I feel less pulled about, less anxious. I’m reminded of the feeling that I get on a ship – the feeling that the ocean is holding me and rocking me. Instead though, this is the earth holding me and rocking me. Wow, I can really recommend this feeling.

Next, what does Nuumit look like? My piece has gold and silver flecks and threads in it, that look almost like tinsel. The stone itself is dark, even black, but with these highlights that glint and shine. This is reminiscent of the night sky, and the way the stars wink at us – but I’m not looking at outer space – I’m looking back in time. I’m looking back to 3 billion years ago and I can feel a profound effect on my consciousness. This effect, in turn reminds me of my very first shamanic journey with Michael Harner, when I visited the lower world and found myself merging with the scenery. When I look a my Nuumit stone, I again experience that sensation of merging with “all that is.”

In Crystal Surgery, we use Nuumit in a very specific procedure called “Accessing Unconscious Information.” This is what I say about Nuumit: “Nuumit is one of the earth’s oldest minerals and has essentially linked to the development of consciousness in living beings. Nuumit ‘has seen it all’ and holds wisdom regarding the complexity and depth of human consciousness.” In practice, when wanting help with the unconscious dynamics underlying a condition, you can place a piece of Nuumit on the client, go into a meditative state and Nuumit will deliver some answers and insights.

As a psychologist, I have found this to be significantly helpful. Nothing is more frustrating for either the client or the practitioner than hitting the wall that is the unconscious mind. One of our biggest tasks here on earth, as incarnated beings, is to learn how to stop being run by our unconscious dynamics so that we can consciously choose our path in life. Unfortunately for all of us, and also sadly, for all of us, very, very few people learn how to overcome the mendacious tactics, the outright deception, of our human psychology. Until we accept that each and every one of us is subject to our own psychology, until we accept that this is what is true about our very own selves, we cannot progress spiritually. Again, very unfortunately, and very sadly, when it comes to spiritual matters, we see a lot of religious imposition and very little spiritual enlightenment.

Considering that I’m talking to Nuumit right now, I may as well ask: “So, Nuumit, what can you recommend in regard to our plight?” And this is what Nuumit says in response to my question:

“There is no point in worrying about “other people.” That is you imposing your thoughts and values on others – you are measuring them against your own moral yardsticks – and that is pointless. Instead, remember, we are all one being. If you act as though only you can save the planet, as though only you can make a difference then you will feed the oneness that is the universe.

“As soon as you stop projecting out, and instead take responsibility for yourself and your own actions, you put new dynamics into motion. These new dynamics immediately affect the whole and affect the trajectory of change.

“Here I am 3 billion years after I was formed, talking to you about planet Earth in the year 2022. People need to understand that, as individuals, they will live and die, they will come and go. What will endure is their energetic contribution to the evolution of the planet, to the evolution of the universe, to the evolution of our consciousness. This is what “the pen is mightier than the sword” means. Our ideas, our thoughts, our insights, our wisdom gained through the trials and tribulations of life, these are the true goal of our existence. Let’s honor that.”

Thank you, Nuumit, I needed these words. No wonder I find it comforting to hold you!

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