Neil’s Spirit Report: What Can we learn from History?











Neil’s Spirit Report: What Can we learn from History?

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The purpose of this Journey is to travel to the Lower World and ask the Spirits to please give me guidance around the question, what can we learn from history?

I has a feeling that because this question has to do with history, has to do with the past, it would be fitting to travel to the Lower World, with the connotation of

the past, and history, and rocks, and fossils, and layers buried and hidden.

So I go into the tree that I used to access the portal for the lower world. I see the portal on the floor, and melt through that portal, and find myself underneath the portal, in the dark.
Its as if I’m in space, but I know I haven’t gone up, I’ve gone below. It’s dark and I look for the thread to help guide me on my trip downwards. I’m going down and down and down, and far below me I do see a little patch of light, of green, that I know from past experience, is the Lower World.
And I’m going down and down and I’m getting a sense that not only am I going to the Spirit Realm of the Lower World, but I might also actually be going back in time, because of the nature of the question that I’m taking on this journey.

What can we learn from studying history?

I’m still going down, and already as if an answer to my point that I might have gone back in time, I see when I think might be pterodactyls – flying dinosaurs, I was recently told by my granddaughter that flying dinosaurs are called pterodactyls – she knows more about dinosaurs than I do, and they’re swooping around, and I can see volcanoes – all the kinds of things that I associate with the dinosaur age. I’m landing in a very clean area and the plant life here too I associate with those dinosaur times – green, strong, spiky, sharp – a sort of a harsh green jungle. I know I need my Spirit Helpers of the Lower World so before I move anywhere, I call on them, I call them and I go through in my mind the names or the identities of each of my Spirit Helpers from the Lower World.

Wanting to have their company, their guidance around the question, and being shown where I can safely go in this landscape.

I’m being lead along a short path to this area, where the ground we’re sitting on looks like its made of extremely large barnacles, much larger that in ordinary, regular life. These barnacles are like little stools about four foot high, each one is like a mini volcano in appearance. I put out my question: “is it helpful and useful, what can we learn from studying history?”

Immediately the Spirits give me a generic bit of guidance and advice – they say “don’t make the same mistake twice”. Look at history and try discern where humans have made poor choices, or bad decisions, And maybe they were able to recover from the consequences, or the consequences were so far-reaching that they couldn’t recover, But history is there to teach us that we don’t need to make the same mistake twice. As best we can, try and understand or analyze the past in terms of what mistakes were made.

The Spirits say that of course they understand that actions which can be construed as mistakes do occur in a context – its not like a specific act per se, is always a mistake, but generally speaking a specific act that is understood as a mistake, is always a mistake. Sometimes its very particular to the context, but not always.

Similarly, one can learn from successes of the past and we can try repeat those successes, again with the understanding that those successful acts did occur in a context.

The Spirits say that one of the things that characterizes history, is suffering. Over and over and over, and again and again and again there has been suffering. The Spirits say that’s one key way of assessing whether something was a mistake or not: did it continue or add to suffering, or did it stop or reduce suffering.

They say we should absolutely want to reduce suffering, it should be a primary, if not the primary life motivating point. If one was to ask “what is the point of life?”, one answer to that should be, to reduce suffering. Another point would be to enhance the evolution of consciousness, and the evolution of our Spirituality.

They say that if we look at history, we can try discern a plot, or a point, like overall, why did things happen in the way they happened? What track were people following? They say that very, very unfortunately one of the tracks that humanity has followed is self-centered greed. They say that one only has to look at the school curriculum to get an idea of what does our society value. And in the general school curriculum is any Spirituality being taught? As far as I Neil know, it isn’t.

Its actually frowned upon to be taught.

Is any morality and ethics taught? I don’t have enough familiarity with the general school curriculum both in middle school and high school to be able to answer that.
The Spirits say that if enhancing the evolution of consciousness, and the evolution of Spirituality, and the teaching of morality and ethics are not given a high and consistent place in the school curriculum, that says everything.

And that’s going to influence history.

I say that I believe that in earlier times, say the English schools of the early 20th century, subjects like morality and ethics, and religion(not Spirituality) were given quite a place in the school curriculum. And what kind of mentality the population had, to into, for example, the first world war? That war became the chosen consequence. If people had really learned about morality and good behavior and the ethics of not being greedy and self-centered, how come there was a war?

That’s a good way of looking at history, to see if one can understand it in terms of a breakdown or deficiency of morality and ethics.

And then you get the influence of extremely charismatic leaders, I think Hitler would have been called one, and a public, who are willing to support and follow these leaders.

So there is a question in history of what makes a general public, support and follow, very bad leaders? Thinking of Hitler, Mussolini.

Apparently the support for Hitler amongst the German population was extremely high, and although eventually there was also an aspect of support due to coercion and support due to basic self-interest and survival self-interest, that was not the case initially.

I ask the Spirits if they can show me something from history that would be useful to know.

They show me a center of civilization in what is now Mexico City. This was the ancient capital of the Aztec empire.

There was a flourishing civilization. One aspect of its destruction was conquest by the Spaniards. History is full of “the Conquistador” – people coming in from far away to conquer, destroy, pillage, steal, to take over.
So we need to understand, the “Conquistador” mind-set. And ask ourselves does this still exist today? And the Spirits say of course,
a modern day Conquistador, is Putin. Putin wants to conquer. The Spirits say we need to understand how a conqueror is made. What occurs in the upbringing, the home life, the education life experiences of somebody who turns into a conqueror?

And in our education, in our exposure to morality and ethics, and Spirituality children and all people should be groomed in the opposite direction. They ask, do we even have a word in English for the opposite of conqueror?

There were so many explorers in history, and they were motivated by adventure, but also by their own, or their bosses or rulers ambitions for gaining new territory, new lands, and for getting what could be got like gold, crops and slavery.

This could all be classified as greed.

So history teaches us how greed is such a motivator for humans.

And looking at history, one also sees how sometimes things just “happen”, things that are outside of control.

There could be an earthquake, there could be a flood, there could be a famine, and iceberg, an asteroid, a fire, a plague.

Looking at history, we learn that generally speaking there is not a long term view that human societies take towards safe guarding their futures. There is short term greed, and short term gains, short term benefits.

The drums have changed, and are calling me back.

The Spirits say in their final bit of information, that history teaches us that in general, human cultures just want to go on doing what they’ve always done, and not make big changes that could be extremely beneficial in the long term but in the short term might require changes that are felt to be disruptive or might upset the status quo.

History teaches us that we could voluntarily change the status quo to help secure a better future, or we could just wait for things to happen and then getting big changes which we are not in any way prepared for. So studying history can help us be better prepared for an uncertain future. That is their bottom line.

I thank the Spirits for a wonderful Journey with a lot of content.
I find my thread and make my way back up to the portal in the hollowed out tree, and step out, back into the Middle World.

I thank the Spirits for this profound Journey.