Neil’s Journey to the “Pool of Reflection”

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For today’s show, I did a Shamanic Journey to the Upper World
Requesting guidance for information to present on the Schapera Show

Went up along glistening silver blue light beam

Not climbing the light beam, but just going up along side it.

I wanted to meet my beloved Spirit Teachers in the Upper World Spirit Realm and request important, useful and interesting information for the Show.

I entered the Upper World at a familiar place, going over a small wooden bridge, that lead me to a clearing where the benevolent Spirit Teachers of the Upper World often come to meet me.

I soon saw one of my Spirit Teachers who is very interesting in that she travels to both the Lower World and the Upper World – I regularly see her in both Spirit Realms.
Usually the Spirits stay mainly in either the Upper or the Lower Worlds.

She reminds me of a Journey I did previously for today’s show, where I was taken to a place called the “Pool of Reflection”, where one can get a better understanding of ones life, and how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, most of which are habitual and lacking in self-insight, lead to consequences which are often not positive.

In the “Pool of Reflection” we can see the so-called “mistakes” we have made in our lives and understand with clarity how poor thinking and poor judgment, and especially lack of self-insight leads to undesirable outcomes.

The “Pool of Reflection” is a place of self-reflection, where the phrase attributed to the famous philosopher Socrates, “Know Thyself” can be put into action.
The amazing thing about seeing ones life in the Pool of Reflection apart from the benefit of a new, clear understanding, is that the Spirits can actually introduce new energies and dynamics and even transmutations into ones biographical story, so that the outcome of these past mistakes can actually be changed, and are felt much more compassionately and positively, and more importantly, there is a much more positive feeling about our present and we feel that our lives have turned out better than we previously thought.

This is real “Spirit Magic” which I will be exploring more in the future.

The main point is that we all need to have a much better, more accurate, more reliable knowledge, understanding and insight into who we are – our habits, our tendencies, our thinking, our beliefs, what motivates us – all the things that shape us and have taken us into behaviors and thoughts that have not been constructive (to put it mildly!)

The Spirits say that so many of the problems in our situation today are caused by poor self knowledge and poor self-insight.

The Spirits give me an amusing image of a regular drinking glass and of a thimble, and they say that a “thimble full” of self-insight is worth a whole lot more than a glass full of wealth. A small amount of self-insight will have a much bigger impact on our peace of mind, and the human condition, than wealth.

We put so much energy into attaining wealth and material well-being, and while there’s no criticism against pursuing improving ones material well-being, there is a huge imbalance in terms of the energy and the effort that we dedicate to achieving material well-being, versus, what we put into achieving self-knowledge and self-insight, and knowing ourselves.

They gave me another image – that of a fence, that is a barrier to moving from where we are to where we’d like to be, and that barrier is self-ignorance. We should be dismantling this barrier.
I ask how can people go about this? How can we help ourselves gain a more reliable self-awareness and self-insight?

The Spirit that Flies Between Worlds who has been giving me all this information (whom I know realize for the first time is a female), says one aspect is to let go of being so defensive of our egos and our positions that we hold. We hold tightly to positions and are very loathe to “unhold” them and to not defend them. Our egos are totally bound up in the positions that we hold and that gets in the way of a new and different kind of self-awareness.

We are very defensive, We have an unreasonable fear that if we don’t defend our selves, our thoughts, our beliefs, our positions, we will be annihilated. Our ego will be annihilated. And this is terrifying – we fear it would be like dying.

The Spirits say the big irony is that the “annihilation of our ego” is a fundamental part of Spiritual evolution. But putting that aside, there is no reason to fear being “destroyed” if we let go of our positions. And if it turns out that a position we hold is not true, letting go of it, opens up a doorway into a happier life, rather than holding on to a mistaken belief, and actually a mistaken identity. We cant have a true identity of integrity if we are holding in to false beliefs and ideas. It’s unfortunate that our society has evolved to a point where we are so encouraged to take sides, and take on the attitudes, beliefs, and judgments of those sides. This gives us the false security that we are on a team, and we think hopefully on the winning team, but this is a very false security. The Spirits say that for those people who know how to Journey, a trip to the Pool of Reflection, where we ask to understand ourselves more deeply, reliable and accurately, would be a very good idea.

I ask if there is any more information that I can present on the Schapera Show. The Spirits say that we all want to be happy and content, and feel safe and feel that we have enough. We all share that. Its amazing common ground that we share as humans. And if we’ve got these major things in common, its crazy to create differences on smaller issues.
So there is a moral imperative, that if we all share these common needs and wants, we should have that as part of our behavior – to help ourselves and others be happy, and be content, and be safe, and have enough.

When we are engaged in actions that are impairing other peoples happiness, contentment safety, and material well being, that is a problem

The drums change to call me back.
I thank the Spirits and return to the light thread that leads me back down to ordinary reality.