Mending a Broken Heart Part B Shannon Shares Her Experience

After her Rebuilding the Heart Chakra session, Shannon sent several texts to Vivien sharing her experience. In this video Vivien interviews Shannon so that she can share that information with you.

Difficult emotional experiences can really put wear and tear on the heart chakra, and a chakra rebuild is indicated when daily mood and functioning is being affected. When the heart chakra is compromised, energy cannot flow through the chakra system correctly and cannot reach the crown chakra with sufficient strength. Rebuilding the heart chakra restores the energy flow up to the crown chakra, generating multiple improvements in functioning. The pain of the emotional wound is also healed, and the heart chakra is strong enough again to sustain loving relationships and connections.

Presenters: Vivien Schapera of FourWinds Academy and Shannon Villalba of Hime Wellness
Photographer: Neil Schapera