Liver Detox Using an Illustration as Guide for Remote Crystal Surgery

One of the best ways to improve health and mood, and reduce stress, is to detox the liver.
This demo shows how to do a Liver Flush, using an anatomical illustration as a map and as an aid to focused intention.
Vivien also shows how to follow the textbook, by first assembling all the tools, like assembling the ingredients for a recipe.
Then, by following the steps in the book, she does the liver flush.
Warning: this video could be experiential, for some viewers, and you could feel the effects. Effects could include mild nausea and queasiness as the liver kicks into higher gear. Such effects will settle in about 30 minutes, and will be followed by feeling energized, with improved mood.

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Contact: Via the form on the website
Buy the Book: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) can be purchased on the website.