Zoom Call 3, Navigation Guide and Q&A

by Vivien

Masters Zoom Call

Proxy Work: How to Make it Stronger
Show the different diagrams and drawings that I use
Don’t leave essentials out of diagrams for doing proxy work – case study – enlarged prostate
Do: Use anatomically correct diagrams
Don’t: Skip steps or cut corners


Case Study Work
Elena’s questions
Why people don’t relax and what to do about it – control issues

 What to do with the ‘bumps’

  1. What happens when we do the layering action?

  2. Now we have a flat, laid out, expanded map to work on

  3. Orange Kyanite, or Rutilated Quartz and Kyanite

  4. Selenite and Gypsum

  5. Serpentine

  6. Whatever is specific to that layer – anti-inflammatory for acute?

  7. Botryoidal Seraphinite

  8. Morganite


Stone Research
Red Rutile and Blue Kyanite instead of Orange Kyanite


Stone Substitutions
What happens if?
Investigating different pairings, e.g. Seraphinite and Orange Calcite, Shungite with Orange Calcite – must be able to read energy to be able to read what’s happening.

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3 thoughts on “Zoom Call 3, Navigation Guide and Q&A

  1. a most helpful zoom with new things to consider.
    what was your rebounding stone, was it quartz with epidote and hematite?
    Why do you put a diagram of a body over the proxy when removing negative entities or negative energy?

    1. The diagram provides a map of where you are working in relation to the physical body — some people say their proxy crystal is too small for removing entities.
      Yes, quartz with epidote and hematite to reintegrate the layers after they have been separated.

  2. It was a very informative zoom class! I particularly liked the separation of the layers and then singlinging one out and peeling it back to work on.

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