Zoom Call 2, Navigation Guide and Q&A

by Vivien


Masters Part ONE Zoom Call on Saturday October 9, 2021


Note Regarding Future Zoom Calls:
You will receive the Zoom link on the Wednesday before the call.
If you haven’t received the link that Wednesday, contact us. Make sure you have the link before Friday. We relocate the computer for the zoom call, and attach our phones to the computer, so we don’t have access to email the day of the class. Therefore: Please ensure that you have everything you need the Friday before the Zoom call.

Start now to take on the responsibility for confirming for yourself that you have the links for the calls, as well as knowing what to prepare for the call. If you can’t find the information, let us know and we will help, but … be sure to give us enough time.

Q: Are we working in the energy body or the energy field with the techniques we are learning in Crystal Surgery 1?

A: What does it say in the book? Are you instructed to peel back the energy field to access the energy body? If “no,” then we are working in the energy field.

For Masters Class: there are two instances where you can work directly on the energy body without peeling back the energy field.

1. When you work with Calcite, the softness and structure of calcite allows you to reach the energy body without peeling back the energy field. Vivien is discovering Kunzite also allows work on the energy body without peeling back the energy field.

2. During Crystal Micro Surgery, we have access equally to the energy field and the energy body. We are using proxy crystals to create structures that are responding in the energy body and the energy field. We are working at a different vibrational frequency in Crystal Micro Surgery.

Masters Study Group focused on the following:

· Anti-Inflammatory in remote work, micro crystal surgery

· Structure and Behavior of Cords – advanced – discussion

o Different kinds of cords – human to animal, human to etheric dimension, human to human, cords from the past in this lifetime, cords from previous lifetimes, cords from the deceased

Vivien asked you to prepare for the zoom call:

· Watch Crystal Surgery 1, How to Do Anti-Inflammatory for Acute

· Textbook

· Proxy crystal

· Matches or Toothpicks

· Anti-inflammatory stones, including your needle

· Your programmed “organizational support” stone

On the call, Vivien showed more tools that she is finding particularly useful with crystal micro surgery because of their compatibility with the various etheric tissues:

  • Selenite Pencil

  • Selenite with a tiny hook on the tip (she uses that to unpick stitches as you do in sewing.)

  • Gypsum with a finger-like shape on the end.

  • Serpentine, the piece she has, has a nice active point.

  • Kunzite needles

Note: Hooks on crystals and other special shapes come as unique tools. When you see such tools, buy them — you cannot order such items on demand.

Build a micro crystal surgery diagram of the inflamed area. This is a case where you don’t need to peel back the energy field to work on the energy body.

Vivien demonstrates working on her legs with a drawing and while connected to a proxy crystal.

You select the area you are working on and:

Make a drawing of the area or
Print a large enough picture — choose a big enough, printable image from the internet


Proxy Crystal
Small proxy crystals for the area being worked on
Toothpicks (represents detail of tissues and nerves)
Matches (the sulfur is a mineral and facilitates healing)

In this demo, Vivien used these tools:

Moonstone (good for hydration, and fascia is mostly water) – Vivien didn’t have it with her, and
Bulgarian Ajoite Opal volunteered to substitute
Hemimorphite and Convoluted Sheet Quartz
Kunzite needles
Selenite pencil
Sceptre Danburite

Anti-Inflammatory Tools

Green Fluorite
Green Calcite
Green Apophyllite
Zincite Needle
A second Zincite needle or Gold Pin or other crystal needle to pair with Zincite.
Green Fluorite Sphere or Wand
Metamorphosis Quartz and White Apophyllite (wand if you have it or stones if you don’t have the wand.)

Be clear what you are constructing with your micro surgery set up: Fascia? Organs? Nerves? Glands? Skeleton?

Prep before Anti-Inflammatory Procedure

(Note, the techniques and procedures Viv used were based on what she was perceiving in the moment in accordance with how the crystals and her guides were communicating with her):
Builds the proxy detail for the area with toothpicks, matches and the small proxy crystals which “enliven” the toothpicks and matches — “enliven” means connect the layout energetically to the client, because that is what the proxy crystals are for — to build a strong conduit of connection to the client’s energetic system.

Vivien connected the proxy crystal to herself.

  1. Prep:

    1. Hydration of the fascia was the first step.

    2. Normally this would be done with Moonstone, but Vivien didn’t have any at hand.
      The demo includes Vivien spontaneously finding a substitute — and Bulgarian Ajoite Opal was substituted for Moonstone. (Balancing Hydration Levels in the Physical Body p. 158-159)

    3. Vivien cleared old relationship cords with Hemimorphite and Convoluted Sheet Quartz.
      The cords were from her mother and from “the past.”

    4. Vivien tells the story of a client whose mother came in to build a Kunzite safety net during the session and then Vivien’s mother arrived to do likewise. Vivien briefly demonstrates the sewing of the Kunzite net.

  2. After the preparatory steps, Vivien began reconditioning the fascia:

    1. Vivien did modified V-gridding lengthwise along each toothpick and match using the Selenite pencil to retexture/recondition the fascia.

    2. Selenite and Gypsum can help rectify scar tissue, so this is an additional and new technique for working with scar tissue.

    3. 2-D Grid with Gypsum. This feels like a massage. The micro part allows us to get to the fine detail. It’s not possible to get to each fiber and nerve in an in-person session — this can only be done in crystal micro surgery.
      (We are now in the development and discovery phase of now retranslating remote work into in-person work!)

    4. Vivien used the Selenite Pencil and the Gypsum tool to undo the scar tissue, as though unpicking stitches.

  3. The Anti-Inflammatory Procedure for Acute Conditions: pp. 142 – 145

  4. To Complete:

    1. Vivien used Danburite to grid the whole energy field for self-acceptance and other self-dynamics.

    2. She then painted Danburite into the tissue.

    3. And completed with a Kunzite infusion.


Masters Part TWO Zoom Call on Saturday October 9, 2021

Vivien started with Balancing Hydration Levels in the Physical Body, p. 159 at the start of the demonstration.

Note, on the left hand page of MOST techniques and procedures, you will see the additional information that guides you on how to combine and sequence the techniques and procedures.
Specifically: “Begin,” “Complete” and “Combine”

You need to consciously pay attention to how to put the techniques and procedures together for best effect. Note that the better you understand the physiology, the better you will understand what will combine or set up for the best effect.


Q & A

Q: Elena asks about using a slightly different color Green Calcite.

A: Vivien suggests Elena experiments and investigates by studying Chapter 12: Generating Your Own Technique and Procedures, p. 311; and p. 318 Perception of a Crystal’s Properties. Then, test it and try it out.

Q: Elena noticed she perceived bumpiness on her proxy setup for herself when she was practicing Micro Crystal Surgery.

A: Vivien will teach about “bumpiness” in the etheric tissue on the next Zoom call.

Vivien is expecting that as we each progress we will start perceiving textures in the etheric tissue during the Micro Crystal Surgery. This will happen on its own with enough practice.

The bumpiness in etheric tissue is like scar tissue in the physical body, and we need to resolve such bumpiness to get the fascia to function better.

Q: Do I criss-cross the toothpicks the way fascia is structured?

A: Do not criss-cross the toothpicks because then you can’t target easily. It is easier to work along the toothpicks in one layer. The toothpicks are a device for grooming intention to work on the micro level, and the proxy crystals convey the energy to the client’s etheric tissue. The layout is a diagrammatic representation NOT an accurate model built to scale.

If you have too much detail in your diagram, you will have to work at that level of detail and it can overwhelm you.

Q: Valerie balanced bilateral chakras on someone and the person reported it felt too intense.

A: Be careful of inadvertently overdosing people. Sometimes when adjusting chakras Vivien only does one – two turns and then stops — especially for sensitive people whose nervous systems are bombarded by life.

Discussion of Cords and Cording:

Start looking at the cords you are removing and ask the guides about the structure and nature of the cords.

There are differences in human to human; human to animal; and human to etheric dimension cord. There are cords from present to past (Use the materials for clearing relationship cords, because it is a cord from the past self to the present self — Hemimorphite and Convoluted Sheet Quartz); cords from past lives; and cords from the deceased.

Pay attention to your cords that connect to your spirit guides and helpers and how those cords are different.

To see cords, ask your guides. Say: “Please show me the cords” and see what comes forward on your mind screen.

Remember: Cording itself is neutral. It is old cording that creates problems.

What to practice in your partner exchanges in Master’s Study Group?

  • Select what you want to practice with your partner.

  • We are all at different levels, doing different courses.

  • Once you have done the Textbook Exploration with a Partner, you have a foundation: Textbook Exploration makes sure you are set up for remote work, you know the basics for the framework or a session, and how to use the book to guide you when you practice a technique on your partner.

  • As a member of Study Group, you choose what you want to learn, practice, and refine from whichever content you have chosen to focus on.

  • I highly recommend you practice what I demonstrate in the study group zoom calls. Practice Micro Crystal Surgery. See how it works on an organ, fascia, the nervous system, the colon, the alimentary tract as a system. See how you get directed to set up the crystals.

  • Take it slowly. Only work for 25 minutes with your partner.

  • Keep the practice session to 1 hour. You can meet more than once a week, or work with more than one partner.

If you are not sure what to practice:

This semester, everyone is learning the new Crystal Surgery 1.
Watch the Crystal Surgery 1 demos, and practice the Crystal Surgery 1 material.

Do whatever homework is listed.

If you are familiar with the new Crystal Surgery 1, then practice what is demonstrated in the Masters Zoom Call.

Review the different cord clearing techniques in the textbook and begin noticing the structure and behavior of cords, as well as the variety.

Just a reminder, from Vivien:

Print your report to me
Print emails from me
Print Homework Instructions
Highlight whatever you need to as an easy reminder
Put in Binder



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  1. One minute I feel like I’m on track and accepting where I’m at and how I’m progressing, then I’m lost. I reground, adjust protection and try to breath. I’m so excited and scared at the same time. I question whether I should be taking the class. I take a breath, I look back at the beginning. I see the spiral of growth and then I feel my growth. Then I run into my self criticism.

    1. I can relate to your comment, glad to hear its not just me. There is lots to do and lots of information to process and its up to me to make happen for myself.

      1. Yes, thanks Linda and Jamie. Because of your input, I’m going to be more specific with people about what I recommend they do. Receiving reports help me to help you all.

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