Zoom Call 1, Navigation Guide and Q&A

by Vivien

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Discussion: Which Comes First, De-Cording or Detoxing?

Discussion: How to Choose Which Detox Technique?

Demo Crystal Micro Surgery: Intro to Crystal Micro Surgery

Demo Crystal Substitutions: Masters and Beginners Learn the Same Info but at a Different Level

Zoom 1 Q & A

This Q&A includes the following:

  1. The white line in the Faden explained
  2. Protection from “the tide” of energy flow
  3. How to practice mastery – layer by layer
  4. Errata note: Vivien says “animal” kingdom where she means “plant” kingdom
  5. Crystals have electrical properties – don’t use insulation inadvertently
  6. When something is working, don’t stop there – check “can this work even better?
  7. Your innate talent is an important ingredient – don’t leave it out
  8. Get oriented!

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