What Crystal Energy Feels Like

by VivienA

To some people, myself included, crystals actually feel alive! Crystals have a strong force field (aura) which radiates electromagnetic wave forms.

We are all familiar with the radiant energy of the sun: when the sun is shining we can feel its warmth and we can see its light. The animal and plant kingdoms obtain all their energy, whether directly or indirectly, from the sun! Without the sun, these 2 kingdoms cannot survive.

In contrast, the mineral kingdom does not depend on the sun. Crystals are the batteries of the planet. They can store, and emit, energy. This property is used in industry, and in all our modern day technology. We are all dependent on the mineral kingdom in ways that we don’t even know. Our watches keep better time because of the even regular pulse of quartz. Likewise, radios and computers depend on minerals to fulfill their design. Minerals are used in our cutting edge surgical tools – what makes laser surgery work is … a ruby!

_uxt6515_Crystals can energize us, making us feel more alert and ready for action, as though we have taken caffeine, but without the jitters. They can soothe and calm us, by slowing our brain waves. They can reorganize our energy fields via their radiant and extremely organized energy, and they can change our chemistry via their own chemical nature.

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