Month 2 Homework and Guidelines

by Vivien

Month 2 Homework and Guidelines

The concept of “choice” has caused much confusion!!!
If you are enjoying choosing for yourself, please continue.

Here is a checklist for everyone in both Study Groups:
Everyone is doing the new Crystal Surgery 1 this semester. By the end of this semester you want to have:

  1. Finished watching all the Crystal Surgery 1 videos

  2. Completed all the Lesson Quizzes in Crystal Surgery 1

  3. Have practiced the following:

    1. De-Cording

    2. Fast Basic Detox

    3. Extraction

    4. Anti-Inflammatory for Acute

    5. Anti-Inflammatory for Chronic

    6. Bilateral Chakras

    7. Endocrine Rebalance

    8. 2 Mind and Brain Wave Techniques

    9. Scar Tissue

    10. Tissue Regeneration

    11. Bringing Healing to Life

Note: Even if you do not have the recommended stones, please practice using whatever you do have – it does not matter what:

  1. learn to follow the steps,

  2. learn the coordination,

  3. learn the different skills,

  4. familiarize yourself with what’s in the book

To get ready for the next zoom call, please study the following:

Chapter 7: Supporting the Physical

Vivien uses the techniques and procedures in this chapter every day, multiple times per day.
None of these techniques/procedures were in the old Crystal Surgery 1. They are all new.

Please familiarize yourself with the following techniques:
Balancing Hydration Levels in the Physical Body p. 159
Relaxing Irritable Fascia p. 161
Stimulating Cellular Metabolism p. 163
Releasing Muscle Spasm and Tension p. 165


Look on p. 51 in the textbook and here:
V-Gridding is the last one under Gridding, in the Skill Videos. The Skill Videos are accessed via Community Membership

V-Gridding was not part of the old Crystal Surgery 1. V-Gridding is new.

If you are behind schedule:

Skip a week BUT
Let your new partner know!!!

If your partner needs to skip:

Ask your study buddy to work with you
Don’t have a study buddy, and want one? Contact Vivien.

Q. What’s the difference between a partner and a study buddy?

A. Vivien allocates the partners, at this stage, a new one each week so you get a chance to work with different people.

A study buddy is someone with whom you develop a more extended relationship and you work together repeatedly by arrangement between the two of you.
Click here for the pdf of Partners Week beginning Monday 11/01/21

Thank you!

😊 🙏 Vivien

Hello All,

🙏 🙏 🙏  These are praying hands and this is my prayer: Please don’t get confused! 

Just read carefully and pause to understand each point. Then re-read.

I am sending you the partner lists from now to the end of the semester. 

  • This will tell who your partners are for the rest of the year
  • This will allow you to complete your scheduling
  • This will allow you to schedule with your partners whenever suits you
  • You do NOT have to schedule with your partner during the prescribed week
  • You do NOT have to practice every single week, you can allow yourself catch up time
  • You may practice more than once a week — the choice is yours
  • You do need to practice with a partner, OR study buddy, OR on your own a minimum of 12 times in total.
  • There are approximately 14 weeks in the semester, plus you may continue this semester’s course-work until January 8, 2022.
  • Note: The week AFTER the zoom call, partners stay the same as the week before. Practicing is optional because not everyone can attend the zoom call and I need to allow catch-up time for those people.


  • The partnerships have been quite carefully worked out — as who I recommend you to work with and there is reasoning behind this.

Partner Lists from now to the end of the semester

Partners Week beginning Monday 11_01_21

Partners Week beginning Monday 11_08_21

Partners Week of Mon. 11_15_21, Optional to Partner

Partners Week beginning Monday 11_22_21

Partners Week of Monday 11_29_21

Partners Week beginning Monday 12_6_21

If your partner is unavailable, first ask one of your future partners if she is available instead

Plus: Let’s start a partner bank — if you are willing to make yourself available as a partner when someone is in need, please let me know, and we will publish a list.

Thank you!

💖 Vivien

Prepare for Zoom Call 3

Please read: Working with the Energy of Cancer p. 260

What to bring to the call:

Your up-to-date binder – be able to hold it up to the monitor. Not ready? Bring your “would-be” binder.
[If you can’t attend the call please send me a photo of your binder]

  1. Proxy Crystal
  2. Pair of Stones for V-Gridding
  3. Piece of Seraphinite, or Seraphinite sphere, or any sphere
  4. Multiple Small Quartz Proxy Crystals, if you have them

Here is the Zoom link for Zoom Meeting for Bachelors Study Group November 13 at 11am:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 7930 1309

Passcode: 451355


Here is the Zoom link for Masters Study Group Sat November 13 at 1pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 8510 3735

Passcode: 938148

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  1. I am a little confused in regards to the gridding of the lower leg and the foot…however the videos with all the ways to grid was very helpful.

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