Month 1 Guidelines

by Vivien

Week 1: Orientation, How to Proceed, Meet & Greet, and Learn the Ropes

How to Proceed after Viewing the Zoom Material:

  • Choose what you’re studying.

  • You can (and should) all begin studying the Crystal Surgery 1 course immediately. In your practice session, you choose which techniques you want to practice – but tailor your choice to fit the allotted time (25 minutes).

  • If you haven’t done it yet, no matter which study group you are in, the Textbook Exploration with a Partner is the first course to do.  This will usher you into the Crystal Surgery 1 syllabus. What you do in the practice session is prescribed and please follow the guidelines for building an optimum foundation.

  • You can study multiple courses concurrently. Please enjoy the opportunity that we have so carefully built.

Meet & Greet and Learn the Ropes

  1. Smooth out registration issues. Make sure that you have applied your coupons and have access to all of these courses: Study Group, Community Membership, Crystal Surgery 1
  2. Connect with your partner via email
  3. Get set up with text messaging and WhatsApp by exchanging phone numbers
  4. Schedule the practice session
  5. Assemble your tools and work space
  6. To prepare, study the appropriate content by watching the videos and reading the book
  7. Choose something straightforward to practice – like Basic Prep
  8. Do your practice session
  9. Observe your experience – keep a log or journal with comments, questions and insights
  10. Schedule your practice session for the following week
  11. Determine what you want to learn next


Action: Research Detox Techniques

Vivien reviews how many Detox Techniques there are now compared to the old Crystal Surgery courses.

  1. Turn to the Table of Contents and look at the list of techniques and procedures in the chapter, p.xix

  2. Read the analogy for each one, at the top of the left-hand page. The analogies help you to get a feel for the purpose and dynamic of the procedure.

  3. Try the different procedures to see what they deliver – you can try on yourself!

  4. Make a list of the techniques, and from the analogy and explanation, pull out a meaningful keyword for each – this will help to guide your choices.

Action: General De-Cording Is a Substitution Technique

Do the comparison – use the substitution tools, and then use the recommended tools — in two different sessions:

  1. In your first practice session, even if you have the specific de-cording tools, do the procedure with the Faden and Bowl
  2. In the next practice session, use the specific tools, if you have them. Observe and record your findings.


Week 2: Orientation, Meet & Greet, and Learn the Ropes, continued

It has been an interesting week! If you feel like you didn’t really get started yet, that’s OK – it does take time to learn how to do this and the focus for week 1 was mostly to get you all applying your coupons so that you could get into the courses on the website.

Take a moment to review whatever pattern emerged when struggling to figure out the registration process. Learning online is different from learning in a physical space, but there are unexpected parallels. When you study in college, you expect to register for more than one subject/course, move around from lecture space to lecture space, walk from building to building and even sometimes move from campus to campus.

Hopefully by now, you are all aware that you have to move from course to course on the website, and that you need to learn where the courses are located, just as you have to learn where to go on a college campus. Sometimes, you may even need to move off our “campus” and go to another website – like YouTube for example.

Take a Moment

The main thing I want you to do before proceeding is review how well you’re doing with reading my instructions. Self-observation, with insight, is the key to personal growth. There is no judgment here. This is not about being critical – please leave self-criticism out of the picture. If you can catch a glimpse of what you can improve … well, then you can improve!!!

Don’t look back and say: “I’ve always had a hard time with …” Rather look forward and form a constructive intention: “Oh, I realize I didn’t read the whole set of instructions and make sure I understood before proceeding, next time I will read the whole doc twice,” or “Next time I will ask Viv and Neil for help before I feel so frustrated,” or “Next time I will do things in a different order.” Successful self-management is another key to personal growth.

Remember this: We learn much more from mistakes than from anything else. As teacher, I depend on your “mistakes.” I want your “mistakes.” I need your “mistakes.” Please mine as much information out of your so-called mistakes as you possibly can. And remember this too – if you aren’t making “mistakes” and you know what to do, you are in the wrong zone. You’re here to feel like you don’t know how to do this – most decidedly at this stage of the game.

Week 2 Guidelines

  1. Schedule with the same partner (unless you have received an email from me specifying a change).

  2. Do NOT POSTPONE OR RESCHEDULE because you “don’t feel ready.” The first 2 sessions are specifically for helping you get ready. You are blocking the “getting ready” process if you don’t do your scheduled call.

  3. If you don’t feel ready, that’s what you say to your partner: “I don’t feel ready” and then you go from there. This is not a performance test. Your practice partner is your friend who wants to help, and we all need all kinds of help. If you need help getting ready, then that’s how you use your time.

  4. Weekly contact with a partner is integral to these study groups. You may need to take a week off here and there, and we’re most certainly allowing for that, but please consider this a weekly commitment. You’ll be so glad you did!

  5. If you are a newbie and don’t have the specified stones, your practice partner will probably be able to guide you through some options. If neither partner can figure out how to “use what you’ve got,” then it is time to email Viv!

  6. Schedule your calls, as a discipline, one week in advance. The most difficult challenge for a practitioner is the scheduling. Please begin now with learning how to schedule – it is a complicated process.

Some of you will still be fulfilling on week 1 – no problem. That is the reason the weeks are NOT dated. You do your week 1 and then you do your week 2. There is no catching up needed. It is appropriate for people to still be finding their feet and it is totally OK for study group members to be in different weeks (within reason).


Week 3: Completing Orientation – Checklists

Why is getting organized so hard? Oh dear, it’s because we’re so disorganized!

Moving from disorganized to organized is very challenging. All change is challenging. That’s at the best of times. Changing from disorganized to organized is extremely challenging because you have to first change in order to make the change. You’re trapped inside a Zen kohan – because you have to be the change.

But remember this. Crystals are crystals … because of how they are organized. It is their organization that renders their dynamic. And so it is with us too, our organization is what renders our dynamic – the quality of our vibrational frequency and our capacity to be effective.

Here comes the good news – and some homework. If crystals are so organized and efficient, we can:

Use a Crystal to Help Us Become Organized and Efficient

1. Go and look at your crystal collection.
2. Choose one to be your “organization and course helper.”
3. To find out who wants to fill this role, simply ask: “Who wants to be my support crystal for this course?” and see who   winks, flashes, brightens or pulls your eye, and that’s the one.
4. Clear and program your crystal to provide you with organizational support.
5. Keep your crystal at your side during your practice sessions, and when you study.
6. Bring your crystal to the next zoom call.
7. Notice how and when you can feel that your crystal is supporting you.
8. Post your insights and stories in the comment section at the end of this lesson.

After you have programmed your crystal, you can proceed with these organizational tasks:

Have you enrolled* in all the necessary courses on the website?

You cannot access the individual courses until you have “purchased”* them – even when they are free.

*Note: “Enroll,” “purchase” and “register” all mean the same thing. Each plug-in uses different terminology and we are using multiple plug-ins, that is why there are multiple terms.

Please make sure you have full access to all of the following:

Study Group, either Bachelors or Masters
Community Membership
Exploring the Textbook with a Partner
How to Do Remote/Distance Crystal Surgery
Crystal Surgery 1
Optional: How to Read Energy

Become familiar with how the website presents the information:

Why is it so hard? Some behind the scenes insight:
It takes time to learn any website and this one has a lot of content. The website template forces the presentation. Once the template is chosen, there is no flexibility for us, so we’ve had to choose the template that best suits our purposes, and in each course, we have to adapt to the template.

Consciously understanding how the website works takes time and practice – and then – once you know how it’s easy! Note the following:

  • You must be logged in to access your courses.

  • The Courses have Lessons.

  • The Lessons have demos and text.

  • Remember to keep scrolling down to check whether there is more.

  • At the end of the lesson, there is a quiz – please do the quiz, it is integral to the lesson.

  • After the quiz, there is a comment section – please read the comments and please contribute

Reading the above list isn’t enough. Take yourself through the steps:

  1. Go to a course

  2. Go to a lesson

  3. Look at the lesson – see how it is laid out

  4. Look for the quiz

  5. Look for the comment section

What to pay attention to regarding zoom calls:

  1. Even if you attend the zoom call, you do need to review the call after we edit and post it:

  2. The calls are posted in sections that are easier to digest.

  3. There is accompanying text for a quick review.

  4. There could be additional explanations.

  5. There could be corrections.

  6. There are likely to be directions and next steps.

Semester Class Lists

Who is doing Masters?
Bud Kostic WI, USA
Stacy Rush MT, USA
Linda Ruhe OH, USA
Diane Farnham OH, USA
Mary Beth Wilker OH USA
Belinda Davidson South Africa
Katherine Keeping Ontario, Canada
Anastasia Pridlides NY, USA
Elena Stone VA, Canada
Amanda Ruth Ontario, Canada
Diane Gaal OH, USA
Kathryn Winik CO, USA
Brooke Lieb NY, USA
Kam Sundal United Kingdom
Martha Bernard NY, USA
Linda Alanen WI, USA
Terri Noftsger, OH, USA
Jamie Pisano OH, USA
Makiko Sasaki OH, USA
Talia Collins OH, USA
Deborah Felton CO, USA
Valerie Fightmaster OH, USA
Vanita Fleckinger KY, USA

Who is doing Bachelors?
Jordan Prebys MO, USA
Tania Brown Australia
Allessandra Carioni Italy
Angie Tiedt IA, USA
Kani Westcott New Zealand

Who is doing Crystal Surgery 1?
Answer: Everyone! Everyone signed up for Masters and everyone signed up for Bachelors is doing Crystal Surgery 1 this semester.

Who is doing How to Read Energy?
Diane Gaal
Amanda Ruth
Kathryn Winik
Allessandra Carioni
Stacy Rush
Bud Kostic
Terri Noftsger

Look at your calendar for the rest of 2021. Our semester ends at the end of the year:

  1. How many weeks are left in the year?

  2. Will you be traveling?

  3. Do you have important events coming up?

  4. What will divert you from your studies?

  5. How many practice sessions do you need/want to do this semester?

Get ready for the next zoom call:

  • Let Vivien know your questions by Friday, October 1

  • Bring your programmed “organization” crystal to the call

  • Be on the alert for more info regarding the next zoom call

Thank you!


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8 thoughts on “Month 1 Guidelines

  1. I made the list of detox methods. I have a client who I can practice with, first doing the techniques and procedures remotely last week, and today the same in person. She felt they were more dynamic in person and she observed more overall shifts. I found perceiving some of the work was clearer in her field in person (pumping up the energy, siphoning stress off the chakras), and some were easier to perceive working with the proxy crystal (scraping and digging with the Calcite on Danburite).

  2. From Katie Winick:
    I’m currently enrolled in the masters class. And it just dawned on me that maybe I’m supposed to enrolled in the bachelor’s as well, because I haven’t taken that. Is that correct?
    Thank you, Kathryn (Katie)

    1. Hi Katie,
      Everyone in Masters is doing both the Bachelors and Masters concurrently — so you are already doing the Bachelors syllabus — but you follow the weekly guidelines in the Masters Study Group because those guidelines pertain to all of you doing both Bachelors and Masters.
      I’m sorry this is so confusing for everyone, but it is worth pushing through the confusion by just going step-by-step from week to week — I think it will all fall into place.
      Bottom Line: You do not have to go to Bachelors Study Group for info, your info for both Bachelors and Masters syllabuses is posted in Masters Study Group. I am going to post this at the bottom of the week for all to see.

  3. From Katherine Keeping:
    I did Proxy Crystal work with a person sitting 6 feet away. It was interesting seeing the energy physically move through their body at the same time it move through the proxy. And we both described reactions, with similar wording.

    Distance through WhatsApp was done this morning with Kam. We used different crystals for specific techniques. I did not programme alternate crystals to be the correct crystal (ex. aquamarine sphere to be shungite sphere). This allowed some techniques to feel awkward, and others effective. Distance from the proxy crystal also became important to be aware of.

  4. This is just the kind of direction I was hoping for. Thank you for putting it out there and now starts the task of going deeper and understanding better and more.

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