by Vivien

1. Which Comes First De-Cording or Detoxing?

Everyone with experience agrees that this is a judgment call in each session because it can and does vary.
Please explore this on your own.

2. How to Choose Which Detox Technique

Vivien reviews how many Detox Techniques there are now compared to the old Crystal Surgery courses.


  1. Turn to the Table of Contents and look at the list of techniques and procedures in the chapter, p.xix
  2. Read the analogy for each one, at the top of the left-hand page. The analogies help you to get a feel for the purpose and dynamic of the procedure.
  3. Try the different procedures to see what they deliver – you can try on yourself!
  4. Make a list of the techniques, and from the analogy and explanation, pull out a meaningful keyword for each – this will help to guide your choices.

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