Crystal Substitutions

by Vivien

Lesson 1: Masters and Beginners Learn the Same Info, but at a Different Layer

In this demo:

  1. Use toothpicks, matchsticks, salt, beach pebbles, tumbled stones and stainless-steel needles, as well as hands and fingers. For hands and fingers information, look on p. 39.
  2. Let’s Look at General De-Cording p. 100. This is a substitution technique.
  3. Beginners have to substitute because they don’t have the stones. At the mastery level, substituting brings many new insights and experiences and expands one’s knowledge and understanding of every layer.

Action: Do the comparison – use the recommended tools, and then use the substitutions. In your first practice sessions, even if you have the specific de-cording tools, do the procedure with the Faden and Bowl and in another practice session, with the specific tools. Observe and record your findings.


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2 thoughts on “Crystal Substitutions

    1. Do you mean you want to learn how to substitute crystals? One place you can begin, is to intentionally use different crystals from those recommended, to see what happens. But pay attention to one at a time.

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