Crystal Micro Surgery

by Vivien

1: Intro to Crystal Micro Surgery

Use toothpicks, matchsticks, salt, beach pebbles, tumbled stones and stainless-steel needles, as well as hands and fingers. For hands and fingers information, look on p. 39.

Note about proxy crystals vs using a doll or other device – you must use crystal energy to connect with your proxy. Yes, other devices do work, but they are cheating you of the full effect of the crystal connection.

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4 thoughts on “Crystal Micro Surgery

  1. Great reminder to connect to proxy crystal and place near micro-surgery layout (ie anatomy picture, toothpicks, crystals, etc). I was going to ask where to position proxy during micro-surgery, but re-watched video:) Thank you!

  2. A tantalizing intro to microsurgery. It is important to remember which layer one is working on-muscle or tendon/ligament or fascia.

    1. Our skin is fascia. All tissue is wrapped in fascia in ever smaller bundles. Tendons, ligaments and muscles are all part of the fascia dynamic.

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