Attuning to the Mineral Kingdom

by VivienA


If you’re reading this, you have already attuned to the mineral kingdom. “Attune” means to become receptive or aware of. Attuning in this case, means taking an interest in crystals and minerals so that you systematically become more receptive and more aware of their particular brand of energy, rendering you more and more sensitive to the range of properties that crystals can exhibit.

The sensitization just seems to happen on its own as you play with the stones. The usual “effort” of learning is replaced by “fun” and “adventure.” Everyone who is interested in crystals, whether as mineral collectors, gemologists or metaphysicians will agree: “Crystals are exciting!”

_uxt6519_In all of history it seems that mankind has imbued crystals with power and magic. This is evident in our literature, ranging from the bible, to our modern day myths and legends. For example, whenever Superman had to restore himself, he retreated to his secret, very special, and utterly gorgeous, crystal cave. As human beings we are imprinted, via the collective unconscious, to value, admire and respect the mineral kingdom.

Remember the first time you saw a crystal? Weren’t you filled with awe and wonder? Whether it is the brilliant sparkle of a gem, or the comforting smoothness of a river tumbled pebble, the mineral kingdom has the power to uplift and comfort us

_uxt6501_As wonderful as the mineral kingdom is, we must take note: The treasures of the mineral kingdom are valued beyond human life itself. Gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies are considered most precious of all. How many people have died in the pursuit of these materials?

In crystal healing, we are not focused on the monetary value, or the status of possessing such wealth and owning such beauty. We value the minerals for their healing properties and we consider crystals, stones and minerals to be our teachers and friends. We learn how to access their energy for the expansion of our human consciousness, for our personal growth, for healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, and to improve our quality of life.

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