Lepidolite in Mica: Alleviate Depression and Raise Vibrational Energy


You can listen to the recording of the whole show here, and listen to Vivien’s portion here:



Vivs new favorite stone
It talks to Vivien – and gives very helpful info about what her client needs most.
Gives “next step advice:
Mica is used to move stagnant energy
Vivs asks her lingam

It shouts “rub your back with me”
“don’t neglect what needs attention”
“begin with what you do know about”
Lepidolite in Mica turned Vivs mood 180 degree

Used in CS to alleviate depression and raise vibrational energy
Attitude is everything

A good attitude has you perceive whats good
A bad attitude has you perceive whats bad

Make a good choice and feel empowered
Use Lepidolite in Mica to shift your attitude