Kyanite: Aligns the Chakras so excellently










Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show. This is the part of the show where I speak to rocks, and rocks speak back to me. Today we’re talking to Kyanite.

Kyanite is one of those stones that I have mixed feelings about. There aren’t many such stones, but Kyanite is one of them. When I ask myself why I have mixed feelings about this stone, the answer that comes to mind is: “Because Kyanite is messy.” And what do I mean by this? Well, if you sort through a pile of Blue Kyanite, you’re actually going to end up with crumbly bits, flaking, and of all things, splinters! Because I’m attracted to crystals that I can hold in my hand and use as tools, getting splinters from my healing tool is definitely not a desirable dynamic. On the other hand, having said that, when I find a nice Blue Kyanite blade, that is more stable and smooth, I have to admit that it is a very, very nice feeling.

Blue Kyanite has some very interesting properties. Firstly, Kyanite is one of the few minerals that doesn’t collect negativity and I think this is because of its second fascinating property which is that it opens and aligns chakras with the greatest of ease. In fact, Kyanite is famous for this. When there is such a positive directional flow from a stone, there is no opportunity for negativity to invade.

Now although I tend to think that “I don’t like” Kyanite, it’s not actually true. Some of my favorite tools are made of Kyanite. There is an excellent Crystal Surgery technique that engages Garnet and Green Kyanite. This combination can push a stuck thought out of your head by detecting the thought wave pattern in the energy field. The Garnet pushes the pattern out of the energy field and the Green Kyanite creates a suction effect pulling the pattern out of the energy field and working together they expel the pattern.

Another favorite tool is my Orange Kyanite Wand. Most Orange Kyanite comes in itty bitty pieces that aren’t easy to hold and use, but I managed to find a nice, robust piece with some heft and length. This stone taught me how to peel back layers in the energy body in order to access an earlier time – either in this lifetime or a previous one. Once the Orange Kyanite had shown me how this layering works, and how it can be peeled back to give access, I was able to engage less rare stones to assist in this process, so that my students could also follow the technique.

Once I settled on Kyanite as the stone of the month, I went down to my school, where all the crystals are stored, and took a look in the boxes of Kyanite to see who wanted to talk to me. Two little stones volunteered for the job – one is a sweet little tool with an excellent handhold and active point, and the other is a flat blade of Kyanite. Let’s find out what they have to say!

The flat blade says: “Haha, you don’t like me, because I’m just like life itself – all kinds of layers that can get tangled and twisted, causing frustration and even pain. But when the layers settle, and align, then I am smooth, calm and a thing of beauty. This is the consciousness that I carry and share. If you add Blue Kyanite to a chakra layout, I will inject this energy of alignment in a way that no other stone can. Also, my best talent is the way that I can work together with other stones, greatly enhancing and amplifying their effect.”

Wow! I have to admit that’s true because I just experienced this dynamic. I have a palm stone that is a mixture of Fuchsite, Ruby and Blue Kyanite and when I infused the energy of this palm stone into my chakras, I felt something brand new – a surge of energy went through me as if I had just drunk a caffeinated beverage, but without any jitteriness.

The Blue Kyanite with the active point has something different to say: “I’m the equivalent of a rose in the plant kingdom. A rose is known for its extreme beauty, and also for its thorns. Like a rose, I can prick you; and like a rose, I can stimulate your consciousness in a unique way. I affect the mind in ways that cannot be put into words. The dynamic is one of “respect.” If you want to truly progress in your consciousness, it is essential to do so with respect. In the same way as we handle roses and Blue Kyanite with respect for their thorniness, we should handle life and other people with respect for their nature. No one is all good or all bad. All people have their thorns, and all life situations have their downsides – even success. Proceeding without due respect can be downright dangerous. Humans need to learn how to have respect for Nature, for others, for the planet and very importantly, for what they don’t know.”

Hmm, I think Blue Kyanite is actually taking a little dig at me!!! I feel a little ashamed because I clearly haven’t had enough respect for Blue Kyanite, but I’m going to change my ways. Now that I understand more, I’m definitely going to engage Blue Kyanite in more healing sessions and see what this amazing catalyst has to offer. As I think this, I hear Blue Kyanite emphasizing that “it’s all about the layers. It’s the layers. Pay more attention to the layers.” This seems a little cryptic to me, but we’ll see how this pans out in application. I am aware that one set of layers is what we are all familiar with – the layers of body, mind and spirit, or physical, mental and energetic. But I think Blue Kyanite means more than this. I will proceed with respect and see what I discover.

Thank you for joining us here on The Schapera Show. Be sure to tune in again next month as Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life.