Kunzite: The Flaw That Saves You

Includes some healing properties of Kunzite. Kunzite is one of the first stones that I fell in love with, and if I have a signature stone, it is Kunzite. I have had extraordinary luck with Kunzite and, in turn, it has brought me more extraordinary luck. This is a love story!

Because of my unusual connection with Kunzite, I could tell, just by walking past a dealer’s room at a gem show, whether there was any Kunzite in the room. This was much to the fascination and amusement of my friend Ro, who dubbed me the “Kunzite Hound” as we marched past the rooms with me chanting “No … no … no… yes, let’s go in here,” to discover gorgeous displays of Kunzite.

Although I go to the gem shows a lot, I haven’t really networked much with the dealers, but I have made friends with a few of them. One of those friends is Wally of 5 Lion Gems. My Kunzite nose led me to him about 25 years ago, and I have got the most incredible huge pieces of Kunzite from him as well as a windfall. One day when I went in to see what he had, he said: “Vivien, I have this big box of Kunzite that I will sell to you for $700.” It was a big plastic tub with over 80 Kunzite crystals in it, and not small ones, either – most were the size of the palm of a hand. I couldn’t believe my luck.

My other startling Kunzite experience happened when I was wondering whether to keep a special piece of Kunzite for myself, or allow a friend to purchase it. Another piece of Kunzite came to me in a vision and said: “If you let your friend get that piece, I will come into your life.”

Now, this was no ordinary piece of Kunzite in the vision – it was large, (about 10 inches long and half an inch thick) and gemmy, with an intense magenta color. The wholesale price of a piece like that is upwards of $3,000 – in a price range that I don’t even consider – so I can’t actually be accurate about its value. It didn’t seem feasible, but I shrugged my shoulders and let my friend acquire the other piece.

About 6 weeks later, at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, I went into Bob Jackson’s room. Bob Jackson used to be the ‘significant other’ of Melody, of Love is in the Earth Crystal Encyclopedia, and Bob has been a very important mentor to me. There, in his glass case for extra special specimens, shone the Kunzite from the vision.

My mouth started watering, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the stone. If I remember correctly, I actually began to shake. Firstly, it’s no small thing to see such a beautiful crystal and secondly, it’s no small thing for talking crystals from visions to appear before you – at least not for me anyway – although I’m working on it.

“What about that Kunzite,” I asked Bob and he responded: “Oh that. I bought it to cut gems but it turns out that it has a flaw and can’t be used for making gems.”

And there’s the first point that Kunzite really, really, really wants to make today: What you consider a fatal flaw may actually be the dynamic that’s saving your life. If it weren’t for that flaw, that crystal would no longer exist, and it wouldn’t be sitting safely in a position of honor in my healing room, teaching me and helping me with my healing work.

When Kunzite told me “I’m up next for the radio show,” I asked: “And what do you want to talk about?” Quick as a wink, Kunzite responded with one word: “Courage.”

For weeks now I’ve been asking Kunzite, “What do you mean by courage?” and Kunzite would only give me one answer: “To have courage you need to have a strong heart at every layer of being – from physical to spiritual. I strengthen every single aspect of the heart:

I can make the physical heart stronger,

I can help the heart deal with emotions,

I can help the heart as it sorts through a person’s relationship with self,

I can help the heart to give and receive love,

I can help the heart give voice to personal identity,

I can help the heart deal with being sensitive to the energy of the universe, and

I can help the heart to deal with the pain of consciousness and the battles of spirit that we must all endure here on earth.

And, the synergy that results from that – is COURAGE!

We all need courage to live our lives. Life has many beauties, but also some very, very difficult experiences. We need courage to live out our scripts while we are here on Earth. And we especially need courage to shine our light on the world, despite our human flaws. We are who we are because of our flaws, and even with those flaws, we are still gems of priceless value.

Thank you, Kunzite, for giving us love and courage.