Why Join Our Crystal Healing Community?

Hi! My name is Vivien Schapera and I am a teacher, healer and author living in Cincinnati, OH. About 25 years ago, I began downloading a new modality of crystal healing, which is called Crystal Surgery. Now, decades later, my husband, Neil, and I have created a website https://CrystalHealingTechniques.com which is turning into a very meaningful resource for everyone interested in crystal healing.

Seeking Crystal Healing Resources?

This morning, I wrote an email to a prospective student, and it seems appropriate to share what I said with everyone who is seeking crystal healing resources. If you would like to join a like-minded community, read on!

The prospective student was enquiring about our Bachelors and Masters Study Groups. Here’s the email that I sent:

Hi! Here are the answers to your questions:

Q.: I want to do the Masters, but I’m not sure I can get it together right now.

It sounds like the best option for you right now is the Community Membership.
This will give you access to the PDF view of the book, and several free courses that will get you started.

Q: What crystals do I need to begin?

If you go to this video and blog The Minimum Crystal Surgery Kit, there is a written list of stones that you need — but even in the beginning of Crystal Surgery, you want to first just use whatever you have got — because you need to test whether you like this style of crystal healing.

Q: If I don’t do the Masters now, when will you offer courses again?

All the courses are available all the time on the website — you can begin with the free courses:
Crystal Healing Foundation Course — free
Crystal Surgery Basics — free
Working on Others $9
Working on Self $11
Use What You’ve Got $5
And then for $50/year you can get Community Membership and that gives you the following:

  • PDF view of the textbook — unlimited

  • Skills videos — very short clips demonstrating the skills

  • How to Do Remote Crystal Healing (new course posted last week!)

Your total investment to get started, if you do all of the above: $75

The Bachelors and Masters Study Groups are a new feature that we are launching for the first time in September, 2021. In the study groups, we guide people through the courses on the website, give them partners and study buddies and we also present new content that isn’t yet on the website. We are in a testing phase for this style of presentation of the content. 

It is possible that more people will want to begin Study Group in January/February 2022 — I don’t know. And, as we are in testing mode, I’m waiting to see how this all unfolds. As I write, I can report that registration has far exceeded expectations and people are very, very excited about this learning opportunity.

Additionally, I think it is helpful to share my answers to these FAQ’s:

What crystals are most necessary before starting the courses? I encourage people to begin by using what they’ve got, and later to get a minimum crystal surgery kit.

Is it best to have the physical version of the book or is the pdf version enough? I think it is wise to begin with the PDF version and to first test level of interest. An unlimited view of the PDF is now available via Community Membership. 

Can we download the pdf version of the book? Unfortunately not. The world of ebooks is very complex it turns out. (From an author’s point of view, it is one big rip off! Yikes!) Our best solution was to simply offer the ebook via our website — and that is what we’ve done, published the PDF.

I would like to ask about your wands. Is it best that they are custom made for each individual? Yes, because then you can get the stones you want. We don’t pre-make wands because in the end, everyone wants to choose for themselves.

 How do you know which wands to choose for yourself from the shop? By your inner response. It is not hard to “recognize” your wand. For one thing, you can’t put it down and for another thing, if you walk away, you can’t forget it, it keeps calling you. Also, I help people choose their wands and stones.

 Do we need wands before starting all your courses? No. I recommend people study first and buy wands quite a lot down the road. As one learns more, one’s taste changes. Collecting wands should be spread over a few years. The wands are very big, important purchases.

Ready to join our community of Crystal Healers? Here’s where to go: Community Membership.