How To Begin Learning about Crystals

A big question that I get asked over and over again is: “How do I begin learning about crystals?” To be honest, I have never known how to answer that question, so I’ve avoided thinking too much about it. This past Labor Day weekend however, I asked my friends: “What do you want to know about crystals?” and sure enough, here came the question again: “How do I begin?”

I looked around the internet to see what kind of information is generally available, and based on what I saw, I think the best way to answer this, is to share with you how I began. I’m not saying that you must do what I did – I’m hoping to give you a few ideas here, and I’m hoping that you will choose the ideas that work for you. I have every expectation that once you get going, you will get your own ideas and inspiration pretty quickly.

Once I realized that crystals were becoming an integral part of my life, I found myself talking about crystals and sharing my new interest. My friend Barbara, responded particularly strongly, and we began our crystal journey together.

I also found myself assembling all the crystals that I had and putting them in one place. I didn’t have many, and I had managed to memorize the names (those were the days when I still had a memory!) so I didn’t need to get them identified. If you have stones that are unidentified – find someone to help you. I have done this many times for others, and it is a necessary step.

Barbara and I went to a gem and mineral show together, and that was an eye-opener. If you want to learn a lot about stones in a short space of time – go where there are a lot of stones. There are several choices: gem and mineral stores, metaphysical stores, gem and mineral shows and psychic festivals. Stones can also be available at markets and estate sales, but not in great quantity.

Close to the beginning of my crystal interest we took a road trip to Arkansas. This was a mind blast. I don’t think I could have learned in a year what I learned on that one trip. Talking to the miners, and the people who live so intimately with the Arkansas Quartz was a fantastic experience – so fantastic we went back.

When we went to the gem and mineral show, Barbara seemed to suddenly know a great deal about the stones. I was mystified. Additionally, she kept referring to “the book.” The book turned out to be Melody’s Book Love is in the Earth A Kaleidoscope of Crystals. It was a 100% clear that I needed this book too. I bought the book and kept it next to my bed. Every night, before going to sleep, I would read up on one or two stones. I would often read about the same stone over and over again. 

I can sincerely recommend that you allow yourself time to research the books and online crystal info resources, and find about 3 references that ‘sit right’ for you. To this day, I am reading and re-reading information about the crystals and I am very grateful for the references that I have.

My last idea is: Go to classes! Crystal classes are a really fun way to get “stoned.” Besides learning, one gets to meet other people with the same interest, one gets to experience the stones in new ways, and one gets to practice using the stones.

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