Guest Post: Incorporating Crystal Healing into Piercing Aftercare

Incorporating Crystal Healing into Piercing Aftercare: A How-To Guide




Piercings have always been and continue to be an integral part of self-expression for different people around the world. With their roots in both cultural and historical facets, piercings have been a part of art, history, culture, and even fashion.


While piercings can be a creative outlet for expressing oneself, they also come with the responsibility of being taken care of. Once a person decides to commit to a piercing, they also have to commit to its proper aftercare.


While conventional approaches dictate the usage of optimum hygiene, and disinfectants to take care of a new piercing, there are additional ways to care for them. Crystal healing is one such holistic approach that can expand the aftercare of piercings.


What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the art of using semi-precious stones like quartz, amethyst, opal, and bloodstone to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of a person. They can be placed in one’s environment like their home to counteract any negative energies and promote holistic well-being.


The use of crystals to heal and help people dates back to 5000 BC China. It was there that this art first originated and even today has a wide demand all over the world.


People use these healing crystals for various purposes. Some stones are responsible for bringing happiness, others bring prosperity and money. Some stones help people grow in their career while others are used to activate a healing response.


Relationship Between Crystal Healing and Piercings

Some crystals are specifically known for their calming properties. A new piercing is “invasive” by nature and does cause a “wound” that must heal. By having the right crystal by one’s side, one can go through the piercing process and its after-effects more easily.


With so many crystals and semi-precious stones, it can be hard to pick the appropriate one. One can choose in accordance with the crystal’s properties, or what is right for the individual based on birth date and zodiac sign.


Types of Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is based on the belief, and research, that crystals encompass unique properties and healing energies that can promote physical, mental, spiritual, and overall well-being of a person.


Some crystals, like Rose Quartz, may bring you calming energies, and promote healing of your piercings by reducing stress. On the other hand, other types of crystals, like Green Fluorite, may help more specifically by reducing the inflammation at the site of the piercing.


While selecting the right crystal for your piercing aftercare journey, keep such distinct properties in mind, and understand their role in your piercing healing journey.


Having said that, here are some healing crystals that have appropriate healing properties for your piercing aftercare process:



This healing crystal is mostly known for its soothing properties and calming effects. It would be best for someone who needs help with healing or reducing inflammation around their new piercings. It is also a good choice for overall well-being.


Rose Quartz

This semi-precious healing stone is known for its gentleness, and affectionate energy. Full of love, this stone helps promote emotional healing and self-love for someone with a new piercing. Sometimes, it takes time to come to terms with a new change, especially a new facial piercing like this. Rose Quartz can be a wonderful healing stone to support someone holistically during that time.



The entire process of piercing and its aftercare requires a lot of patience and courage. Often known as the “stone of courage”, aquamarine can be a great fit for someone with a new piercing. It also helps to alleviate one’s fear and make them comfortable with communicating their needs more clearly and confidently.


Clear Quartz

Contrary to rose quartz, a clear quartz is known to promote clarity in thought. Instead of focusing on the I’s of every action, it is used to gain energy and make one’s thoughts stronger. This can be a great healing crystal for someone who is committed to taking care of a new piercing and requires patience and clarity while dealing with it.


Incorporating Crystal Healing into the Aftercare Routine

Once you have chosen the crystals you will use for your piercing aftercare healing, there are certain things you can do to incorporate the healing stone into your daily routine to get the best results. These include:


  • Cleaning your crystals thoroughly before use. This is done to remove any negative energies that the crystal may have absorbed earlier. Using a cleansed crystal is like a blank canvas. If you choose to immerse the crystal in salt water to cleanse it, remember to check that the crystal can tolerate water and won’t be adversely affected.


  • Once cleaned, put the crystal near your piercing site. You can place the crystal under your pillow to harness the healing energies while you are asleep.


  • During the day, you can carry a small crystal with you to keep its healing influence over your piercing and maintain your overall well-being. You can put it in your pocket or bra.


  • You can use crystals to energize the saline solution that you use to cleanse your piercings. Again, remember to check that the crystal can tolerate being placed in water. Examples of minerals that don’t tolerate water include Halite and Selenite. Halite will dissolve, Selenite will become “pock-marked.”


  • Visualize that the healing energies of the crystal are healing your piercing. You can visualize this while engaging in self-care activities like meditating, or use deep breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance the powers of your visualization and manifestation.


While getting a piercing is a form of self-expression, committing to its aftercare is equally important. The traditional methods of cleansing and covering the piercings will always be necessary, but to access additional healing at all layers of Body, Mind and Spirit, certain healing crystals can be used.


Healing Crystals like Quartz, Amethyst, and Aquamarine can be great options for someone with new piercings.


Consistency is key when it comes to healing. In the same way as following a daily routine of hygiene is optimal, so is connecting and meditating with your crystal every day, to best harness its power.


Rebecca Fischer