Guest Post: Creating Positivity and Peace – 7 Amazing Crystals for Your Home


Creating Positivity and Peace: 7 Amazing Crystals for Your Home

Your home is your safe haven, the place you go to recharge and be at peace, so naturally keeping this space safe will become your priority. Sometimes threats in our home are not physical, they can be energetic as well.

Like burglar bars and alarm systems which protect you from physical harm, crystals are believed to have strong qualities that protect your home’s energy and spiritual atmosphere. This guide will take you through seven crystals you could place in your home to generate a peaceful and positive environment.

To get a better understanding of crystals and their spiritual effect, it is helpful if you understand your body in the energetic sense. 

Understanding Your Body

Our bodies often play a role in what manifests into our physical environment/reality.  For example, if you are often stressed and plagued by negative thoughts, that negativity infuses your whole life. Think about how thought precedes manifestation: How many times have you thought about either an object or a person, and then very shortly afterwards you see that object, or hear from that person? Yes, it happens to us all the time!

That is why it is essential to monitor your mind, your thoughts and your heart because very often what happens around us synchronizes with our energy. Although you cannot stop yourself from having a negative thought, the important step to take is to consciously and consistently follow the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Thoughts are the familiar manifestations of the brain and mind and on their own, thoughts are neutral. However, their quality – whether they are negative or positive, destructive or constructive, depends on our energy. The best-known components of our human energy system are the chakras.

The 7 Chakras

Chakras are described as energy centers in your body, specifically situated along a central column. In the most commonly recognized chakra map, taken from the Vedic culture, there are seven chakras, namely; the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown chakra. The chakras are also numbered from one to seven, with the root chakra being the first chakra and the crown chakra being the seventh. Additionally, the chakras have specific rainbow colors associated with them: Red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green and pink for heart, sky-blue for throat, navy blue/indigo for third eye and violet for crown.














In accordance with these chakra colors, let’s have a look at seven chakra-matched crystals you could have in your home in order to generate a positive and peaceful environment, while simultaneously strengthening your energy.

The Black Tourmaline 
















In order to invite positivity in your home, you have to antidote the negativity. This is where Black Tourmaline comes in. 

It’s so easy to get consumed by the woes and mishaps of the day that you even bring them home with you. This stone has restorative powers to remind you that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life!  It’s recommended to place this crystal close to your windows and doors so that it can neutralize these negative feelings and make you feel grounded and at peace when you enter your home. 

This stone is connected to your root chakra, which is the element of your energy responsible for your sense of stability and security. So the Black Tourmaline will ensure that you truly feel at home and safe, as one should feel in their home. 















Coming home to a happy environment filled with laughter and warmth is truly a rewarding feeling, especially after a long day. Carnelian is a crystal that invites joy and warmth in your home. 

This is a great stone to have in your home if you’ve been feeling unmotivated and emotionally numb, as it fills your space with creative energy and heightens your self-worth. You can also place it in your office when you need to get those creative juices flowing. Living in a space that is aesthetically appealing helps to reignite your creativity. The convenience of crystal home decor is that you are able to protect your home while making it look good at the same time! 

Carnelian strengthens your sacral chakra, which is responsible for your creativity, emotional intensity and your ability to experience pleasure. So when this crystal is in effect, the space you live in will be energized, offering you a lighter heart, even playfulness and laughter. 














It’s bright yellow color represents the joy, optimism and endless possibilities that we feel when the sun shines on our skin after a period of darkness or cold. To bring positivity in your home, your mood needs to be elevated and a sense of welcome should fill the air. The Citrine crystal invites optimism and opportunity into your home.

With this crystal, your solar plexus chakra will be heightened, which is the energy that regulates your self worth and confidence. The warmth of the citrine will ignite your drive and assist you in connecting with your highest self. 

Rose Quartz



















Often when you live with others, there’s bound to be some conflict, making your home feel like a battlefield. The soft pink color of the Rose Quartz exudes gentleness and compassion which balances, and even releases, all that tension.

This crystal acts as a healing agent and encourages everyone in the space to become more grounded in love and compassion. Your home can become a haven of empathy, trust and healing, as arguments and quarrels recede, even perhaps becoming a thing of the past. 

Your heart chakra will find solace in the Rose Quartz. The heart chakra regulates your emotions, ensuring that you don’t act impulsively based on them, potentially causing conflict with those around you. It also provides you with empathy and compassion. Love and compassion are powerful emotions and when they are felt deeply and truly inside you, your space will reflect that energy as well. 

Blue Lace Agate




















For harmony to exist in your home and your life in general, you need to be an effective communicator so that those around understand you, keeping conflict and misunderstanding to a minimum. This in turn will create a calming and peaceful aura in your home. 

Blue Lace Agate is a soothing agent that encourages calm but effective communication. It also calms nerves, especially for those who have a phobia of public speaking. You can also have it with you as a necklace or a subtle bracelet when you deliver a big presentation.

It is even worth placing Blue Lace Agate in your bedroom, so your subconscious mind can grasp the principles of effective communication, even whilst the calming benefits offer you a good night’s sleep.

Being able to speak your truth in a calm and concise manner is a liberating feeling, especially if you weren’t able to do this before.  You will feel a sense of calmness and belonging when you enter your home as the unblocking of your throat chakra will help you thrive in your individualism and your truth.
















Amethyst is usually associated with the crown chakra, which is violet, like Amethyst. But Amethyst can also be used as a third eye stone, and in the home, this is an excellent us – because large, room-energizing Amethysts are readily available at decent prices.

It is essential for one to strive to be in touch with their spirituality as much as possible, as the level at which you meet yourself spiritually will determine the trajectory of your life. Amethyst aims at connecting you to the best version of your spiritual self. 

This crystal caters for serene thinking and a calm, peaceful mind which will be highly beneficial for those who want to embrace their higher self. Your mind is at its most powerful when it’s in a calm, tranquil state, as your intuition gets heightened.

This crystal is responsible for intuition and enlightenment of the mind, which is a characteristic of the third eye chakra. Having this in your space will help to counteract the negative emotions attached to anxiety and fear.

Clear Quartz














As a spiritual being, you have the power to manifest your own reality through writing your own script. Clear Quartz helps one achieve this, by clarifying thoughts and emotions, wants and desires.

Clear Quartz has a very important job – to facilitate the balancing of the highest, most spiritual of the seven chakras, the crown chakra. Since this crystal promotes clear, positive thinking, it strengthens the crown chakra. That clarity and calm will be incorporated into your home.

A Crystal Clear State Of Mind

The most powerful chakra being located at the top of your head, governing the mind and nervous system, shows just how important a calm, strong state of mind is. To reach this powerful state of mind, one has to ensure that their chakras are balanced, and that their home is protected. Having a better understanding of which of your chakras may be blocked  may assist you greatly in choosing which crystals to have in your home. Once you get this right, you will be able to live a wholesome life as a spiritually enlightened being.

by Laura Henry