Guest Blog: Top Five Combo Therapies That Can Lift Your Health and Mood

Top Five Combo Therapies That Can Lift Your Health and Mood

If you are feeling your health and mood is down, the best resource is to get help from a qualified professional and you can acquire such help at online therapy UK. On the other hand, you may also want to find other ways to support yourself. This article will provide context about another popular healing method known as crystal healing that can be combined with some at-home solutions to boost your health, mood and other related factors.

Crystal healing is referred to as “vibrational medicine” since crystals can effectively affect vibrational frequency. When your mood and health is down, your vibrational frequency drops. Crystals can restore you to a higher vibrational frequency, especially when combined with other methods, outlined in this article.

1. Meditation

A great place to begin, is with meditation, as meditation is a well-known method for better physical and mental health. You can meditate while holding one or more crystals, or by gazing into the crystal.

When meditating while holding crystals, the crystals will help to align your energy, center you and even ground you. When gazing into a crystal, the crystal helps your mind to become clearer.

There are many ways to use crystals as an aid to meditation, and conversely, to use meditation to supplement the action of crystals. One of those ways is to make a crystal layout around or in front of you.

2. As Jewelry

It is recommended to wear your crystal as a part of your everyday attire. Crystal healers often advise this. When you incorporate crystals around your neck, in your pocket or anywhere on your body, the crystals are constantly accompanying you.

If crystals are in your pocket, you can hold them, like a worry stone. If worn as earrings they interact with you via the movement of your head, likewise with rings and bracelets. A pendant can be held in the hand every now and then.

Crystals are activated by the heat of your body, and your hands (when holding them) as well as by pressure. If you want to find out more about why wearing crystals is so effective you can watch this video, or this one about metaphysical jewelery.

3. Decor

It is suggested by Shanise Spruill, a certified holistic practitioner and founder of JOHARI and LOU Artisan Soul Stones, to use crystals as decor in your home. She further states that by doing this, “you maintain a healthy Feng Shui within your home.” Alongside this, crystals are also known to bring ease into your home. People have started shifting from only using crystals in their meditation or yoga room to using them as decor around their homes. In addition to bringing good energy, they also make for exotic and extraordinary dedication pieces to style up your home.

4. Chakra Layouts

This is akin to using crystals to meditate, but you’re actually going one step further by engaging some crystal healing techniques. You can focus on one chakra, on several, or on all seven chakras.

For one chakra, choose a stone that resonates with you. This is very easy – if you have crystals, just see which one seems to attract you in the moment. Place the stone on the chakra that requires support. Leave it in place for at least 10 minutes. Wait until you feel calm and peaceful before stopping. You may, for example, even put a stone on your third-eye chakra to go into one of the deepest forms of meditation.

If you want to add more stones to your chakra layout, just expand the process. For more information about chakra stones and chakra layouts, you can go to this free Crystal Healing Foundation Course that offers many helpful tips.

5. In the Bath

Sometimes, concentrating is difficult, so you retreat to your bathtub, or shower, to relax. Meditating in the bath is very helpful when you struggle to meditate in other spots. Place crystals in hot bath water for yourself and begin meditating. In this case, it is not advised to use soft crystals like fluorite, calcite or selenite as they can be damaged, even dissolved, by water. Stick with Quartz, which has a hardness score of 7, and other harder minerals, like kunzite, aquamarine, ruby and sapphire. If in doubt, look up the hardness of the mineral online. It’s very, very easy – just tap in “What’s the hardness of ____?” and the answer will come up, thanks to the magic of the internet!

The Bottom Line

There are various ways to use crystals to bring peace and lift your health and mood. The ones mentioned above are the most popular methods. Meditating has been the go-to method since crystal healing was introduced. Placing them on your body to activate chakra is one way you can get connected on a spiritual level. When there is no time to meditate, it is best to keep one on you so that you can interact and resonate with your crystal whenever the need arises. Finally, since hot baths bring you serenity, it is one of the best methods to meditate on different kinds of crystals. We hope this article helped you find ways to combine crystal healing with other methods to boost your mood. Thank you for reading!

By Jacqueline Johnson