Guest Blog – Myths and Facts about Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Myths and Facts
Guest Blog by John Adams
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Crystal healing has gained massive popularity in recent years, after being endorsed by renowned celebrities like Adele and Katy Perry. Crystals are used in many spa treatments and meditative practices too, as they are known to produce relaxing and calming effects. Many people who have undergone crystal therapies swear by its healing power. Crystal healing has been employed for treating several mental and physical ailments, and it works. However, there are several misconceptions about how it works and to what extent. Let us discuss some common myths and lesser known facts about this extraordinary healing method:

Myth: Anyone can practice crystal healing

Anyone can learn crystal healing, but practicing as a crystal healer does require training. Mastering the art of crystal healing requires ample knowledge and learning. There are so many different types of crystals having unique properties. Any information on the internet is limited, and might even be misleading. If you want to become a crystal healer, you can undertake an online course, from a recognized teacher, to become certified. Crystal healing is not necessarily “harmless” and crystal healing, especially on others, can produce unwanted effects. The worst harm can come from not getting the right qualified and help in time. For medical conditions, it is important to consult the right doctors, get correct diagnoses and get appropriate care. All Healers should always be aware and responsible, and avoid any possibility of being accused of medical malpractice.

Fact: Crystal healing is a complementary and supportive therapy to medical techniques

Scientists and medical professionals refer to crystal healing as pseudoscience as there is no peer reviewed evidence to verify its efficacy for curing specific diseases. Studies show that using crystals and other gemstones for therapy has a positive influence on health; yet, scientists believe that it is partially due to the placebo effect. The use of crystals to facilitate healing is an ancient practice, which propagated more than 6000 years ago. However, modern treatments are inspired by traditional Asian concepts, such as the Chinese ‘chi/qi’ (life-energy), and the Buddhist/Hindu ‘chakras’.

Myth: Crystals are magic rocks

No such crystal or rock exists, which may be infused with magical or supernatural powers. Crystal healing will not miraculously eliminate your illness or cure you immediately. Neither can crystals be used to control someone’s mind or heart. Similar to other alternative therapies, it takes time to bring a change. Anxiety, depression, grief, and physical pain are the root cause of many health problems. Crystal healing is a tool that helps attain some peace and positivity in your life. It helps ward off negative energy, which ultimately mitigates stress and pain.

Fact: Crystals healing corresponds to energy centers of the body

During crystal healing therapies, rocks or gems are placed at particular pressure points of the body. Therefore, the placement is just as important as the crystal itself. The contact of the crystal with our body stimulates physical, emotional, and psychological effects. Moreover, different minerals are associated with unique effects; for instance, green aventurine is considered good for the heart and yellow topaz is known to clear the mind. Healers are aware of the specific properties, and thus treat every patient accordingly.

Myth: The powers of a crystal can be judged by appearance

Polishing a crystal does not increase its power, though it may appear more beautiful. Similarly, if a gemstone wears off or is washed by water, it does not lose its healing properties. How a crystal works has nothing to do with its surface shine, finesse, shape, or size.

Fact: The healing effects of a crystal are objective

Everyone who undergoes crystal therapy does not have an identical experience. How you connect to a stone and the way your body responds is unbiased. A gem that worked for someone else might not provide the same benefit to you. The outcome has to do with your individual energies or chakras.


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