Guest Blog: Anti-Aging Benefits of Crystals for Health and Healing

Anti-Aging Benefits of Crystals for Health and Healing

Although we don’t all necessarily “believe” in crystals, we are all great enthusiasts of gemstones! “Gem” is the name we give to anything we find valuable, and why is it so? A gem is always a worthwhile, valued and precious thing. Yes, technically-speaking it is a mineral, but it can also be a more general term including organic matter or anything that has been transformed into an object of beauty and value. We even refer to special people as “gems.”

Not only are gemstones and crystals used for beautification purposes like in jewelry, but they also get used for other purposes such as Healing. We can discover all manner of information regarding crystals and gems via the media. No media is more active and intriguing than the platform of social media. Social Media is an excellent hub for the spread of information. The healthcare influencers on Social Media keep us up-to-date on current trends and also revive awareness of knowledge that would otherwise be long lost. We will look specifically at using crystals to counteract aging.

Popular Crystals and Gemstones

These are some of the most appreciated crystals and gemstones:

  • Turquoise
  • Sapphire
  • Rose Quartz
  • Jade
  • Ruby
  • Jasper
  • Amethyst
  • Celestite
  • Garnet
  • Moldavite

Gemstones for Health and Healing

Besides what we know about gems for making ornaments and jewelry, they also have various purposes, like healing and health, including the following:

  • Assistance with digestive issues
  • Reduction of physical aches and pains
  • Relief of anxiety and depression
  • Building chi and enhancing energy flow
  • Connecting with self and inner power


Anti-Aging Benefits

We have all encountered tense and stressful situations where everything seems like a fuss and fiasco. The problematic scenarios and the lifestyles we face cause long-lasting impressions on mind, body and spirit. We commonly see problems like anxiety, depression, emotional scarring, as well as physical health issues like cancer and heart disease – all conditions caused by the stress of living. Along with the appropriate medical treatment, the therapeutic effects from gemstones and crystals can be very beneficial. Stress lowers our “vibrational frequency” corrupting our energy. Crystals and gemstones can raise our vibrational frequency, strengthening our energy. When we engage with crystals and gemstones, we can actually feel the buzz of energy and the uplifting effect of becoming more positive.

Minerals such as Clear Quartz, Jasper, Amethyst, Bloodstone and Obsidian (which is actually volcanic glass, not stone) are some of the stones more commonly used for health and healing purposes. Here are some keynotes:

  • Clear Quartz is arguably the most famous crystal, a Master Healer, and a booster for energizing the human body.
  • Amethyst, regarded by many as most beautiful because of its violet and purple color, musters up our willpower and encourages healing.
  • Bloodstone can strengthen and purify our blood, even though that is not how it gained its name.
  • Jasper encourages resolution of your stressful situation by lowering your anxiety.
  • Obsidian offers comfort during emotional disturbance.

When all these dynamics synergize, they ensure a healthy response to stress that softens us, and mitigates the aging process. We feel rejuvenated and we can rejoice in the experience of counteracting the effects of aging.

Crystal Healing Therapies

In crystal healing, the stones are often placed on these body parts: the gut, stomach, chest, throat and forehead, corresponding to the chakra points. To place stones on the root and crown chakras, the stones can be placed at the knees and beyond the head, respectively. Other ways of engaging healing crystal energy in a seamless, daily manner include wearing stones as jewelry, putting stones in pockets, placing minerals on one’s desk or in one’s home, and using (cleansed) crystals to energize daily drinking water.

Crystals bring both beauty and healing into our lives. The healing that crystals provide is non-invasive and crystals are a re-usable resource. What more can we ask!!!

by James J. Fair