Free Zoom Class on Jan. 7, 2023: Crystal Healing First Aid

Is it possible to use crystals for first aid?

Drawing from actual experiences over the past 30 years, Vivien will explain the “When?” “Which crystal?” and “How?” of accessing crystal healing dynamics in various first aid situations that happen in everyone’s life. Topics will include conditions such as:

•Earache  •Headaches  •Colds  •Nausea  •Burns, Stings and Bites

•High Blood Pressure  •Tension  •Muscle Spasm  •Second Chakra Conditions such as menstrual cramps, IBS  

•Anxiety  •Depression  •Stress  •Anger & Frustration  •Emotional Upset  •Grief  •Shock

Vivien will give additional first aid tips drawn from Aromatherapy and Energy Healing as well, where these modalities add first aid value.

Join us on Saturday January 7 at 3pm. ET for this free zoom class. Send an email to with the words “Zoom Link Please” in the subject line of the email.

After the class, Vivien will answer questions about how to study Crystal Surgery and the upcoming Spring Semester.