Faden Quartz – Stairway to Heaven

Faden Quartz – Stairway to Heaven


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Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show. Today I’m talking to Faden Quartz, which is a very particular Quartz formation.

I first encountered Faden Quartz when I trained with Melody in the 1990’s. Melody went to great lengths to enforce the correct pronunciation, quite insistently repeating “ah” as in father, and getting annoyed with everyone for saying “Fayden” instead of “Faden.” This was somewhat amusing to me at the time, but, has worn thin, because I now understand Melody’s frustration as I try and teach my students the correct pronunciation, to no avail.

Most Faden Quartz comes in small, tabular crystals, and the distinguishing characteristic is the white Faden line, which is actually a gaseous tube inside the crystal. This gaseous tube is a tunnel of connection. In Melody’s class, we spent a lot of time using the Faden crystals to link us telepathically – a lengthy exercise because the class was rather big and everyone had to have a turn. Nowadays, I use my Faden crystals to link me to the etheric realm.

Those of you who have seen my videos on YouTube will probably be familiar with the stunning wire-wrapped Faden crystal that you can see hanging around my neck and resting on my heart. This little beauty was a gift from my friend Ro, and it has developed a singular significance. I use this Faden to connect me to my son, Aidan, in the spirit realm. I don’t really need a crystal to connect with Aidan, because we are always connected and available to each other, but when I wear my Faden pendant, additional qualities become evident.

The sense of Aidan’s energy is amplified so that it feels like he is surrounding me, supporting me and monitoring all proceedings. I feel safer. I feel less anxious. I feel more trusting that things will “go right.” I experience myself as more confident, more articulate and more insightful. I find myself holding the crystal with my thumb at the back and my fingers resting on the front. This is both comfortable and comforting, and also energizing. I am not only connected to Aidan, but any spirit or being in the etheric realm – all I need to do is ask.

Faden Quartz has properties that are unique to this formation and there is no substitute. Everyone interested in crystal healing should have at least one of these crystals. In my crystal healing work, I have multiple Faden Quartz crystals and I use each one in a different way.

For example, I was lucky enough to acquire a very big Faden crystal – it is unusual for these crystals to be so large. I use this big Faden to connect community members when we are working communally in class, or when holding a ceremony. I allocate a small crystal point to each class member and I place these small points on top of the large Faden. This palpably builds the energy, giving a sense of “togetherness in space” even though we are actually all spread out across the world. It gives me a kick every time to experience how the internet works so seamlessly with the etheric world, keeping us all connected through both space and time.

When I ask my Faden crystals what message they want to share with you, it becomes apparent that one Faden is not at all the same as another. Each one has a personality of its own! My pendant says: “Tell them that even though you can connect to the etheric realm without crystals, by just using intention, when you use a Faden you are increasing the bandwidth and the strength of the connection.” Well, that makes sense, considering what I already said about how it affects me.

My community Faden says: “Tell them that Faden crystals communicate with each other, so you can strengthen the community effect by ensuring that each person in the community has their Faden available and primed to join in.” The image that is coming into my head is pretty powerful – a network of Faden crystals spreading across the world, forming a web of connection. Hmmm, sounds familiar – just like the internet. Faden crystals are the “air drop” system of the mineral kingdom.

My pair of stress-draining Fadens say: “Tell them that you can use Fadens to connect people with each other – and that’s an interpersonal connection. But you can also use Fadens to connect the chakras, the organs, the etheric tissue of an individual – and that’s an intrapersonal connection.” Hmmm, this sounds very useful in healing sessions, because that is what we are looking for, isn’t it – integrated functioning. And it’s true — everyone notices a flowing sensation when the Faden pair is applied in their session. How excellent!

Well, there it is – the personalities of Faden Quartz! Thank you for joining us here on The Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us again next month.