Deleting Imprints from the Energy Field

Ways of thinking, behaviors, expectations and beliefs are acquired by DNA, socialization and experiences, and form imprints on our energy field that program our patterns of living. Undesirable imprints are the ones that hold us captive, obstructing desired change and personal growth. In this tutorial Vivien demonstrates how to delete undesirable imprints.

The steps include:

1. Special Effects Gridding with Aquamarine for Change – Aquamarine with active point.
2. Salt and Common Opal Detox – Tibetan Rose Salt, Halite and Common Opal.
3. De-Cording the Cords of Socialization and Criticism, including self-criticism – Anhydrite and Epidote.
4. A White Light Chakra Layout to Raise Vibrational Frequency using a selection of white stones.
5. Gridding with a Phurba and Psilomelane to draw the imprint’s chemistry out of the cells of the energy field.
6. Combing the imprints into a T-shaped wall using a White Apophyllite Cluster
7. Deleting the imprints sin wave form.
8. Sealing the energy field with Titanium Aura Quartz.

Stones used in the demos are available by contacting Vivien via the contact form on the website.
The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, a text book presenting the details of all these techniques and procedures will be published in 2020.

Presenters: Vivien Schapera and Kam Sundal.
Photographer: Neil Schapera