Crystal Surgery Tutorial: Phase 4 Energizing

Synchronizing the Energy Body and the Physical Body, Raising Vibrational Frequency, White Light Infusion, Streaming White Light, Energy Field Massage, Sealing the Energy Field and Generating Energy are the techniques demonstrated in this video of the final and 4th phase of a healing session.

Stones used:
For synchronizing the energy body and physical body: create a circuit with small pieces of Amazonite and Tibetan Rose Salt
For raising vibrational frequency: White stones — Metamorphosis Quartz, White Kunzite, Lightning Struck Quartz, Growth Interference Quartz are used — all white stones will work. And intensely colored chakra stones will work too.
For streaming white light: White Apophyllite has a high white/silver vibrational frequency that is ideal. For sealing the energy field: Titanium Aura Quartz is painted onto the cells of the energy field. You can substitute with any Aura Quartz.
For Generating Energy: Hematite Coated Quartz from Morocco and Smoky Quartz Elestial from Brazil are used in this demo and the White Phurba Wand is made up of a carved Quartz Phurba, a Kwan Yin engraved center piece and Lemurian Quartz Sphere.

To contact us:, please use the contact form on the website. Credits
Presenters: Vivien Schapera, Linda Ruhe, Jamie Pisano
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Script and Editing: Vivien and Neil Schapera