Crystal Surgery Tutorial: Phase 3 Healing

Dissolving emotional walls in the brain, how to grid the head, how to do an extraction and how to re-align the pranic tube are all demonstrated, with instruction, in this video. After the Calming and Clearing & Detox phases of a healing session comes the 3rd phase in which you do the healing techniques you have chosen for the client.

This tutorial continues to optimize the fortunate situation in which experienced Crystal Surgery graduate, Linda Ruhe, returns for continuing education in the new techniques that have been developed since she trained. As the viewer you get to watch Vivien instruct Linda through the steps, guiding and refining her technical skills, adding a layer of instructional value.

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Credits Presenters: Vivien Schapera, Linda Ruhe, Jamie Pisano Photographer: Neil Schapera
Artist of Diagrams: Mary Beth Wilker
The diagrams of How to Grid the Head are from the manuscript of The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, due to be published in the last quarter of 2019.