Crystal Surgery Tutorial: Phase 2 Clearing & Detox

In the second phase of a healing session we pay attention to Clearing and Detox.
We need to clear what’s coming in to us, from the outside, and we also need to detoxify what is building up on the inside.

What comes from the outside, comes via cords from other people. It is very sensible to clear cords before proceeding with other healing techniques, because old cording from others is “energetically unhygienic and causes energy issues ranging from confusion to feeling drained … and much worse … like psychic attack.

What builds up on the inside comes from both our stress and emotions, and toxins are also the natural byproducts of our metabolic processes. Additionally, modern life is toxic – we breathe and bathe in environmental poisons, we willingly consume toxic substances en masse, and we live in a state of excessive stress, bombarded by negativity. This toxic overload has dire impact on our health. When healthy, we are self-healing organisms. When overloaded, the self-healing mechanism can get slowed down, blocked or even stopped.

This particular tutorial has an added dynamic: Linda trained in Crystal Surgery about 15 years ago and many new techniques have been developed since then. We took advantage of the opportunity and included much explanation in what turned out to be a cinéma-vérité video shoot. To avoid being too long and cumbersome, the explanations regarding the crystal tools have been put in a second video entitled Crystal Surgery Tutorial: Clearing & Detox Part B The Crystal Tools Explained.

There are about 5 different Detox Techniques in Crystal Surgery and we selected the technique that goes best with release of toxins from emotional stress — namely a Shungite Detox. We also used Common Opal, under the hands to suck out toxicity. Our focus was on stimulating cellular metabolism of the body tissues via a Shungite Infusion, followed by use of the Shungite Wand to stimulate flow, as well as simultaneously using Faden crystals and Garnets to help with draining the toxins and stress. In this video you will see Linda and I doing this together. When working alone, the Faden technique follows the wand technique. If you do not have a Shungite Wand, you can use a pyramid, or even a piece of Shungite — it just takes longer to get the same effect.

With the right kind of assistance – especially the removal of toxicity – we can return to vibrant health. By clearing toxicity, we can restore the functioning of the self-healing mechanism and boost the functioning of the immune system.

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Credits Presenters: Vivien Schapera, Linda Ruhe and Jamie Pisano Photographer: Neil Schapera