Crystal Surgery Tutorial: How to Do a Crystal Surgery on Yourself

This tutorial demonstrates how to do a Crystal Surgery on yourself, in answer to the FAQ: “Can I do Crystal Surgery on myself?”
There are particular guidelines when working on one’s self:
1. Don’t try to feel what you’re receiving, stay in the role of practitioner.
2. Focus on the role of practitioner, sustaining attention on what you’re “giving” and trying not to be distracted by what you’re “receiving.”
3. Don’t skip steps, and don’t cut corners — in other words, don’t shortchange yourself.
Vivien demonstrates by working on her own hand, which sustained a repetitive stress injury while proofing her new book, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery. The injury requires the procedure for acute inflammation. Set up, and preparatory work follows the usual steps of Basic Prep, hydration with Moonstone, and relief for irritable fascia using Diopside and Thunder Bay Amethyst.
Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
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