Crystal Surgery Tutorial: Clearing & Detox Part B – The Crystal Tools Explained

With an abundance of Detox info, we put the bonus material explaining the Crystal Detox Tools in this separate video. There are 5 different detox techniques, plus their hybrids, in Crystal Surgery, and we look at the new techniques and tools with Linda, who initially trained in Crystal Surgery about 15 years ago.

The video only briefly shows the Mica, Pricking Wand, Scraper and Detox Wand which we use in the original “Basic Detox Procedure” and you can see this technique being demonstrated in Crystal Surgery Demo 2: Prepping for Physical Surgery. We go directly into talking about the new techniques, beginning with the Rapid Detox which uses Fuchsite and Garnet in Matrix.

We then go on to talk about Halite and Tibetan Rose Salt, and Blue Salt; followed by Common Opal and Cachalong. We also talk about Shungite and the De-Cording Tools of Bulgarian Ajoite Opal and Aragonite.

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Presenters: Vivien Schapera, Linda Ruhe, Jamie Pisano
Photographer: Neil Schapera