Crystal Surgery Remote Session for Reducing Anxiety

Enjoy this demo of a remote session for alleviating anxiety. Using both a diagram and proxy crystal set-up, Vivien shows how to do the Crystal Surgery Anti-Anxiety Procedure. Steps include:
An explanation of what do first: Basic Prep, De-Cording and selected detox technique
Seraphinite on the third eye Rose Quartz placement Seraphinite, Emerald and Aquamarine infusion into abdomen — this step is adapted for remote work
Bustmatie and Sugilite — double gridding
Orange Calcite pulsing instead of first-layer infusion
Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz and Emerald base for proxy crystal
V-Gridding with Rose Quartz Vogel Style Formation and Citrine
Energy Generating
Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographe: Neil Schapera
Contact: Via form on the website Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery available for purchase on our website — address above!