Crystal Surgery Demo Two: Prepping for Physical Surgery

Removing Vocal Cord Polyps

Vivien prepares Tiffany for a physical surgery on her vocal cords. Tiffany has been singing since the age of 3 and needs to have some polyps removed from her vocal cords.

The energetic prep of Crystal Surgery before a physical surgery can make a very big difference, allowing the following:
• Avoid complications
• Reduce the trauma to the body
• Reduce the time of the physical surgery
• Reduce the time of recovery and rehab
• Support the best possible outcome
• Jumpstart the healing process

But … before continuing, please note:
• Crystal Surgery and Crystal Healing are not a substitute for physical surgery.
• Crystal Surgery and Crystal Healing do not reduce the pain of surgery – but can actually render the client more sensitive – these techniques are not a substitute for appropriate pain medication after surgery.

How it Works

Crystal Surgery prepares the physical body for surgery, by doing the same surgery in the energy body, in advance of the physical surgery. The energy body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body – physical changes will show up later in the energy body, and energetic changes in the energy body will show up later in the physical body.

This prep informs both the physical body and energy body what is to come, and aligns their energy for a smooth, straightforward physical surgery. Additionally, instead of the energy body having to change and adjust to the surgical changes in the physical body, the energy body has already changed, helping the physical body to accept and respond to the surgery. Both the energy system and the client’s physiology can then immediately attend to healing.

In this demo, you will see Vivien do the following steps:

  1. Research how the physical surgery is done – the same surgery will be done, using crystals, in the energy body
  2. Clear and Detox the site of the surgery
  3. Activate the Chakra System by placing a stone between the second and third chakras
  4. Place Chakra stones of choice on the chakra line to support the energy body
  5. Open the Energy Body
  6. Cut the polyp(s) off, inside the energy body, using crystal blades
  7. Scrape the area using a scraper tool
  8. Vacuum the area clean
  9. Seal the wound
  10. Do tissue regeneration to bring in etheric tissue to support the healing process
  11. Close the Energy Body
  12. Grid the site with a Green Wand to help manage the inflammatory response to surgery.
  13. Infuse White Light to energize and strengthen both the tissue and the chakra
  14. Part the chakra, storing half in the chakra above, and half in the chakra below, to reduce the invasive shock of the physical surgery – do this about 1-2 days before the physical surgery
  15. After the physical surgery, wait 1–2 days, to restore the chakra.