Crystal Surgery Demo: The Unconditional Love Transmission, Tutorial and ASMR

“Unconditional Love” is a commonly used term whose meaning is much bigger than our human consciousness can truly comprehend.
Yet, our souls crave the experience of unconditional love, so the lack of such an experience can drive us through life on a never-ending quest to fill the void. This is a demonstration of how to use Crystal Surgery procedures to call up support from Spirit, and channel the Unconditional Love Transmission.
The energy field consists of many layers of etheric tissue. The unconditional love scaffolding is a network of etheric tissue in one of these layers. The scaffolding builds as a series of blocks that then form an energetic foundation for ego strength, personal identity, self-love and empowerment.
When this foundation is in place, we are freed from the quest and can move into creative self-expression, including making our constructive contribution to humanity. Ideally, Unconditional Love is transmitted from mother to child from before birth to approximately the age of three. A mother can only transmit what she has herself received. Considering that most mothers have incomplete transmissions themselves, the deficits get handed from generation to generation.

Fortunately, we can also receive parts of the transmission from other sources, such as relatives, caregivers and teachers. In this procedure, we receive the transmission from a spirit guide, angel or power animal.

Stones used in this demo include: Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Eudialyte, Rose Quartz, and Morganite.
The aromatherapy oil used is Geranium. Any heart stones can be used to support the transmission.

Presenters: Vivien Schapera and Kam Sundal
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Illustrator: Mary Beth Wilker