Crystal Surgery Demo: How to Rebuild a Chakra

Rebuilding a Chakra is the most advanced and complex procedure in Crystal Surgery. The intention is to weave a box of etheric tissue, using Tangerine Quartz, and then infuse the container with appropriate minerals that have the desired properties. At the end of the sequence, it is helpful to use Lightning Struck Quartz to activate the new etheric tissue. Also, a chakra rebuild is best done after strategic preparatory work, that can require a series of sessions. In this tutorial, Vivien goes directly into demonstrating how to do the rebuild, but does explain that even within the rebuild session, preparatory work should first be done. This procedure is carefully explained and well laid out, with several pages of explanation, in The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020).

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Contact: Via the form on the website
Textbook: Available for purchase, and for viewing as a PDF, at