Crystal Surgery Demo 5: Unbinding the Heart

Old etheric tissue can bind our hearts, preventing a natural flow of giving and receiving love. Ranging from small hurts to serious wounds from rejection and loss, this binding comes from our life experiences and accumulates over time. For those who want to understand more, or even do this procedure, here are all the steps for scraping old etheric tissue off the energy body’s heart: 1. Set Up shows Fanning, Sweeping and Opening the Chakras – what we call “Basic Prep.” 2. 2 styles of evaluating the energy field: Scanning with the long wand that can pick up the texture and turbulence in the energy field, and then checking comparative chakra energy using a pendulum. 3. Explaining to Jamie what the evaluation found and which procedure I have selected to address what I found. 4. Removing the cording from the heart chakra. 5. Doing the gold standard Basic Detox procedure — these are the steps: Pricking over Mica, Scraping, Scooping, Vacuuming. 6. Opening the energy body. 7. Lifting the energy body heart upwards so that I can scrape back front and sides evenly. 8. Unbinding the Heart – scraping off the old etheric tissue that is binding the heart. 9. Replacing the heart inside the physical body. 10. Vacuuming up the bits of etheric tissue that may have fallen into the energy field. 11. Closing the Energy Body 12. Massaging with White Light – with a Cathedral Quartz and Tourmaline wand. 13. And a Heart Support Chakra Layout – using a selection of heart stones — from second chakra upwards: Morganite, Kunzite, Eudialyte, Rose Quartz, Peruvian Fluorite. 14. Energy Generating into the heart chakra 15. Balancing Heart and Mind with Seraphinite and Mangano Calcite Spheres 16. Checking the swing of the Heart Chakra for a before and after comparison. 17. Waking Jamie at the end of the procedure. Crystal Surgery techniques will all be published in The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, due to be released in the last quarter of 2019. For more info, please visit us at and to email us, use the contact form on the website. Credits Presenters: Vivien Schapera, Jamie Pisano Photographer: Neil Schapera Music Courtesy of YouTube Audio Library, all tracks by Doug Maxwell Space Chatter, Angelic Forest, Heartbeat of the Hood