Crystal Surgery Demo 3: Chakra Repair

This demo/tutorial follows up on Tiffany’s vocal cord surgery with a Chakra Repair.
In the same way as a sock can get worn and threadbare, an area of the energy field that is subjected to chronic stress and wear and tear, can become thin and vulnerable. By repairing the chakra, we can rebuild the strength and resilience of the energy field.

The demo begins with me showing Tiffany a worn sock, and explaining that we’re going to rebuild the chakra. We then go on to repair the chakra. We decided to tell you the names of the minerals used, and turn this into both a demo and a tutorial, to empower Crystal Healers and Energy Healers who want to include Chakra Repair in their healing practice.


  1. Pump up the energy field with Tangerine Lemurian and Tangerine Quartz. This increases the surface area and energizes the system.
  2. Using the active point of a Faden crystal or cluster, build an etheric scaffolding by doing a multilayer grid over the chakra.
  3. Using raw Carnelian, infuse etheric tissue into the scaffolding.
  4. With a Self-Healed Crystal or Candle Quartz, do a second multilayer grid to strengthen and bind the scaffolding.
  5. Next use a chakra specific stone, in this case, Aquamarine, to infuse the etheric tissue with chakra specific properties.
  6. Grid the throat chakra with Self-Healed Aqua Aura Quartz. (You can use any Self-Healed Quartz for this step. It was fantastic that I had Self-Healed Aqua Aura Quartz on hand.)
  7. Use a Double Terminated Quartz to do a White Light Infusion. In the demo I’m using a Vogel-Style crystal, which packs a punch!
  8. Place Apophyllite Pyramids (natural formation) on the chakra. Hold another White Apophyllite Pyramid so that the tips of the pyramids connect, creating a spark that switches on the etheric tissue. You can actually see my arm jerk from the mild shock I get as the Apophyllite Pyramids connect and spark.
  9. Seal the whole energy field of the Throat Chakra with Titanium Coated Quartz.
  10. Fluff the chakra gently with a fan. You can use your hand to do this also – spread your fingers and flap your hand gently, but fairly rapidly, over the area as if your hand is the fan.
  11. It is highly likely that a client will fall asleep during a Crystal Surgery – and Tiffany did even with the camera focused on her. Wake the client gently and give her time to re-orient before getting up.

Thanks for watching our video. I hope you find the contents both empowering and soothing.
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