Crystal Sale


You can see each image in greater detail by clicking on it,
then click on the image that opens and use your  “Open Image in new tab” option
then click on the little magnifying icon that appears on the image.

Please download the images that contain the crystals you are interested in purchasing:
Click on image.
Then Click on image that opens and Save the image to download it to your computer.

Using a photo editing app on your phone or computer, please circle very clearly the stones you want.
Please email these edited images to:
We will let you know if the stones are still available and the cost including shipping, and how to pay.
After receiving payment, your order will be shipped asap.



The exact shipping charge can only be calculated after your order has been wrapped and packed, and we know how many boxes of what size were needed.
Here is a guideline:

Domestic USA shipping rates guideline
Small Flat Rate Box Shipping charge $11
Medium Flat Rate Box Shipping charge $19
Large Flat Rate Box Shipping charge $25

International shipping rates guideline
This varies from country to country and the size and weight of the box
The minimum shipping cost would be approximately $50