How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystal Healing seems to be steadily gaining in popularity and whilst all can agree that crystals are extremely attractive, for many, the idea that crystals have healing properties can be a bit of a stretch.

Crystal healing energy can be accessed in a variety of ways, ranging from putting a crystal in one’s environment, to systematically doing a step-by-step crystal healing technique.

Crystals both emit energy and transmit energy. The primary manner of energy delivery depends on the crystal healing set-up. In this blog we can look at 3 possible set-ups: Placement, Circuitry, and as hand-held Tools.


Let’s begin with putting a crystal in the environment. In this instance, the crystal is radiating electromagnetic waves into the environment. These electromagnetic waves influence the vibrational frequency of the room and can also potentially affect the vibrational frequency of any living organism in the room — plants, pets and people.

This crystal healing action can be likened to the radiant energy of the sun — the sun emits electromagnetic waves, and these waves provide us with light and color, and also UV, Infra-Red, Microwaves, TV, Radio, X-Rays and Gamma Rays. The extraordinary contribution of the sun to life on earth requires absolutely no comment from me! My job here is to point out that crystals are like flashlights with self-contained batteries, able to emit waves that can positively affect us.

Putting crystals in your pocket and your bra, and wearing crystal and gem jewelry, are all forms of placement.


Crystals are excellent conductors of energy. So much so, that quartz was a protected substance during WWII because it was used in radio oscillators. Currently we know that quartz is used in watches and pacemakers because of its ability to regulate and sustain a steady pulse, making it an invaluable component in a circuit board.

Crystal Healers know how to create a “circuit board” of crystal energy by laying out the stones in a predetermined pattern. One example of this is Melody’s book, Laying on of Stones. This is a manual of crystal layouts that render specific effects, ranging from healing to personal growth. The manner in which the crystal “circuit board” is built is just as precise as building an electronic circuit board for a computer.

Even when not building a specialized layout, almost every crystal healing session includes laying on of stones. The crystals laid on chakras and at other select points, create a circuit that generates a healing effect for the individual client.


The third way of doing crystal healing is to use the crystals as tools. Crystal tools present themselves by their shape, size and properties. For example, a quartz laser wand, because of its shape, is considered an ideal tool for opening the chakras. Crystal properties are also determined by their chemical make-up. For example, Shungite is made up of carbon, and is rich in a molecular structure called “fullerenes.”

”Fullerenes have been the subject of intense research, both for their chemistry and for their technological applications, especially in materials science, electronics, and nanotechnology.” This Wikipedia article goes on to say: “In April 2003, fullerenes were under study for potential medicinal use: binding specific antibiotics to the structure to target resistant bacteria and even target certain cancer cells such as melanoma.”

One style of Crystal Healing that uses the crystals as tools, and engages their chemical composition, is called Crystal Surgery. For example there are 2 major ways that Crystal Surgery can address inflammation — the one is to use the physics of green stones to antidote the red of inflammation, and the other is to use the alkalinity of the feldspar stones to antidote the acidity of the inflammation.

The unique and extraordinary properties of minerals are used everywhere in our advanced industry and in our most sophisiticated technology, including our most up-to-date medical devices. In health and healing, we already draw extensively upon the plant and animal kingdoms — why would we overlook the mineral kingdom?