Crystal Healing: Use a Pendulum to See the Chakras

To see the chakras, all you need is a pendulum! In both Crystal Healing and Energy Healing it can be helpful, and satisfying, to make the chakras visible so that you can literally see what needs to be adjusted and in what way. PLUS: by this method, you can do a “Before” and “After” assessment to make sure that your healing work has been effective.

To see the chakras, hold the pendulum over the middle of the chakra, and ask the pendulum: “Please show me the swing of ____’s chakra.” Hold the pendulum gently with a relaxed shoulder and elbow. Don’t hold your arm still, because the pendulum will pull on your hand on arm – you don’t initiate movement, but you also must not prevent movement. Another important watch point is not to look at the point of the pendulum, as that will also hold the pendulum still.

The steps are:

  1. Hold the pendulum over the center of the chakra
  2. Look away
  3. Allow the pendulum to pull on your hand and arm (you may even feel a twitch)
  4. Once the pendulum is swinging, look at the shape of the swing
  5. Compare the chakra swings with each other to see which one is the most different and in need of adjustment
  6. Check again after the healing session

The demo includes where to hold the pendulum to assess the root and crown chakras.