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Includes some healing properties of Aquamarine. Aquamarine is one of the Beryls, and has many talents. As a gemstone, it is particularly sought after. Just looking at an aquamarine gem is soothing, and even emotionally transporting.

Because it is so prized, Aquamarine gems and crystals come with a big price tag. Fortunately, the healing properties of Aquamarine are just as strong (and sometimes even stronger) in “metaphysical grade” crystals as in the gem stone quality.

“Metaphysical grade” is a term that I have coined to denote crystals that have extremely strong etheric energy and healing powers. “Metaphysical grade” is not as aesthetically pleasing as the more well-formed, complete crystals or the much more valuable clear and glowing gem-quality crystals, but they still pack a punch! To tell the truth, I prefer using my $30 metaphysical grade Aquamarine, to my $1800 Aquamarine in this particular technique.

Aquamarine is very versatile. In this video, I am only explaining how to access the Aquamarine energy in this one, specific Crystal Surgery application. There are many effective ways to use Aquamarine in healing work.

In developing the Anti-Inflammatory procedure, I discovered that Aquamarine has a unique ability to both soothe and activate nerves. This was so striking that it led me to discover the “Bonus Technique.” In the bonus technique we trigger a shift from the sympathetic nervous system’s alert state of “Fright and Flight” to the parasympathetic nervous system’s physiologically calm state required for our everyday healthy functioning.

Here is some more of what I discovered about Aquamarine:

“Aquamarine has a great affinity for the nervous system. It is well known that quartz emits a very even frequency and this is why it is used to ensure that a watch keeps time. Well, every mineral emits a frequency, and the frequency of Aquamarine is ideally matched to the frequency we desire for the nervous system.

“In this procedure, we use Aquamarine to “attune” the nervous system. The “attunement” provides 2 services: Nerves that are agitated (by pain) are soothed and calmed, and the nerves that need to fire (the vagus nerve and its branches) are triggered into action.

“One may well ask: “How can Aquamarine be calming to some nerves, and simultaneously stimulating to others?” Well that is the beauty of “attunement!” By regulating the vibrational frequency of the nerves, the nerves that are over-active become calmer, and the nerves that are underactive become activated.”

Excerpt from: Section G About the Stones, Course 4 Anti-Inflammatory Crystal Healing Technique, on