Crystal Healing for Supporting Recovery from COVID-19

Includes some healing properties of Green Fluorite, Chevron Amethyst, Shungite, Clevelandite, Vanadinite, Moonstone and Fuchsite
Seeking help with COVID-19? This Crystal Healing info is for everyone. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to speed up the body’s self-healing response to the COVID-19 virus.We noticed that many people were coming to our website seeking help with COVID-19, but the information that we had published was guidelines for crystal healing practitioners.

Read about these stones that can help with recovery from COVID-19

Left, from top to bottom: Green Fluorite, Green Calcite, Green Fluorite point, Zincite, 
2nd from left, top to bottom: Green Apophyllite, Green Fluorite Octahedron, Green Fluorite Point
Left Middle, top to bottom: Chevron Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Fuchsite
Right Middle: Bloodstone, Shungite Sphere, Shungite Sphere Moonstone
2nd from Right, top to bottom, Bloodstone, Shungite Sphere, Shungite Sphere Moonstone
Right, from top to bottom: Clevelandite, Vanadinite


Need Crystal Healing help from a practitioner? We’ve trained people all over the world, and if you email us, we will find someone to help you. Sessions can be done remotely, so it doesn’t matter where you live. Send us an email at and put “Help” in the title. But please note: Crystal Healing is NOT a substitute for medical care, Crystal Healing can provide complementary assistance only.

Want to help yourself or a loved one? Then, please read on for some tips and suggestions on how to speed up the body’s self-healing response to the COVID-19 virus.

Which crystals have anti-viral properties?

The two most accessible crystals with anti-viral properties are Green Fluorite and Chevron Amethyst. If you can wear the Green Fluorite that is ideal. Putting a piece of Green Fluorite in one pocket and a piece of Chevron Amethyst in the other pocket, is also an easy and effective way to go. About once per hour, hold the crystals and heat them up with your hands. Heating crystals activates them, and that’s what you need to do – activate the crystals. Note: Green Fluorite can give some protection against the common cold. There are no crystals that have been proven to protect against COVID-19.

Which crystal will help my immune system and cellular metabolism?

Shungite will help both your immune system and your cellular metabolism. The easiest way to access the energy of Shungite is to rub a Shungite Sphere all over your body. This action infuses the Shungite energy into your energy system and from there, the Shungite affects your physical body in a very positive way by stimulating cellular metabolism.

Which crystals can help lungs?

There are two kinds of crystals that help lung function: Clevelandite and Vanadinite. It is probably easier to get hold of Vanadinite. A helpful way to engage the Vanadinite energy will also be to rub the chest area, and the upper back with the Vanadinite, to infuse energy into the lungs.

Is there a crystal that helps with dehydration?

Yes, Moonstone will help! You can infuse Moonstone into your energy system by rubbing your body with it … and of course, remember to drink water and add electrolytes.

Is there a crystal healing technique that can help the upper respiratory tract infection?

Yes, the Anti-Inflammatory Technique for Acute Conditions has consistently helped people with upper respiratory tract infections. It does not cure the condition, but does speed up the physiological responses and the healing, at the same time as reducing discomfort and misery. Even if you don’t know how to do this technique, you can still engage the stones to help you – and here’s the list of stones that we use: Green Fluorite, Green Calcite, Green Apophyllite, Zincite.
If you want a practitioner to do this for you, please email us at

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Yes, but please first ask: “Do I need medical care?” because after a certain point of physical deterioration only appropriate medical intervention can help. Here are some additional tips:

Boost your liver function, by eating liver supportive foods and by not eating foods that stress your liver. Look this up online. The liver is a very important organ in supporting your immune system and the strength of your overall energy.

Aromatherapy is another powerful tool. You can increase your comfort by putting a drop of peppermint oil under your nose, on your chest, on your forehead along your hairline and on the back of your neck. This will help with congestion and will also help with headaches and feelings of heaviness.

Photos of Stones mentioned

Anti Inflammatory Stones



Chevron Amethyst — Antiviral


Clevelandite and Vanadinite — for lungs


Fuchsite – keep the energy moving

Moonstone — fluid balance


Green Fluorite and Chevron Amethyst

In this video I go through stones that have the necessary properties to support the natural healing mechanisms of the body, boosting the immune system, supporting biochemistry and enhancing the self-healing mechanism.
Please Note: This video makes no claims that crystals can either prevent COVID-19 or heal COVID-19.

Crystals for supporting COVID recovery include the following:

Anti-viral — Chevron Amethyst
Boosting Cellular Metabolism — Shungite, Diopside and Hematite-Coated Quartz or Thunder Bay Amethyst
Hydration — Moonstone
Strengthening Blood — Hematite, Bloodstone
Releasing Negativity — Phurba and Columbian Quartz
Anti-Inflammatory — Spectralite and Labradorite
Lung Support — Clevelandite
Immune Boost — Jet, Thunder Bay Amethyst (Spirit Quartz + Hematite can be substituted)

Supportive Technique: Liver Detox — helps the immune system

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Textbook: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) — available for purchase on the website
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