Crystal Healing: Why Rings and Earrings Make Such Effective Metaphysical Jewelry

Despite their size, rings and earrings can have a huge impact on our energy fields. Vivien shows how her little Peridot ring can be extraordinarily and disproportionately effective in affecting her energy, considering what a little stone it is. She then goes on to share the insights that came from asking herself, and the stones, “Why, and how?”

Crystals do have to be activated to be effective. Movement, heat, and pressure activate crystals, and in this instance movement activates the crystals because the movement pushes light through the stones.


The hands hang at rest in our root chakras. But our shoulder joints are so mobile, we have this amazing range of motion, and our hands can reach and move through every chakra!

So if we’re wearing a ring, the energy emanating from it is able to radiate throughout our chakra system, and affect us quite strongly.


Similar dynamic – the movement of our heads allow the stones to swing and radiate energy in a ripple effect, through the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras.