Does Crystal Healing Really Work?

Crystals and minerals are used extensively in our technological society, and nowadays healing with crystals is a growing trend. One can’t help wondering which claims can be trusted and which should rather be dismissed as “woo-woo.”

I am frequently asked: “Do you believe in crystals?” And my answer is simple: “For me, crystals are like the sun — they just are. It isn’t a matter of belief. With or without my belief, the sun will shine and do ”its thing” and with or without my belief, crystals will do “their thing” too.”

I never set out to become a Crystal Healer. It all just unfolded on its own, and the standard has been very clear — if what I am doing with the crystals proves helpful, I will continue and if not, I will stop. That began over twenty years ago, and since then I have developed a whole new system of crystal healing (Crystal Surgery,) and seen crystals support healing in multiple ways. So my philosophy on this matter is: “If it works, you can trust it, if it doesn’t — throw it out.”

Benefits as Witnessed

Most people are somewhat comfortable with the idea that crystals affect us positively because of their beauty. In the same way as viewing a scenic wonder or walking in a gorgeously landscaped garden can uplift our hearts and souls, so can seeing, and being in the presence, of impressive mineral specimens. But “healing” beyond that? Not everyone can make the leap.

I have been doing Crystal Healing for over 20 years now and have witnessed a vast range of benefits. These benefits are definitely not limited to effects on spirit and mood, but range from this more “easily” accepted application all the way to observable (and measurable) physiological changes.

In upcoming blogs we can explore these Physiological, Neuro-Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic benefits of Crystal Healing.