Crystal Healing: Intention and Metaphysical Jewelry

The role of intention in Metaphysical Jewelry is the main subject of this discussion presented by Vivien Schapera, Jamie Pisano and Linda Ruhe. Harnessing the energy of your metaphysical jewelry is similar to driving your car — you have to know where you’re going and what you want.
You also have to remember that almost all stones have multiple properties and if you want to call upon a particular property of your stone, you do need to let your stone know this via intentional thought.
For example, Citrine has both the property of attracting money (the merchant’s stone) and of repelling negativity. These opposite dynamics of attracting and repelling will annul each other, so it is important to choose which one you want.
Another stone that has these 2 dynamics is Ruby. Rubies have a strong protective energy, and also attract wealth and prosperity.
Linda asks whether it’s OK to have a Ruby for each dynamic, and the answer is “Yes!”
As it happens, Vivien does have 2 Ruby pendants which are beautifully displayed side-by-side and Vivien’s own silent question from long ago: “Why did I have to have two?” is answered.
Jamie then talks about her Tanzanite jewelry, bringing forth some interesting insights regarding Tanzanite.
In its natural form, Tanzanite is yellow, brown or gray. With the application of heat, Tanzanite is transformed to an astonishing glowing blue color. Vivien likens this to the process of how we ourselves are transformed by our learning and education.