Crystal Healing in the 21st Century

(Talk Given At Victory of Light, November 2016)

Thank you for coming today. I want to talk to you about crystal healing in the 21st century and what I understand by the current trends in CAM, generally, and Crystal Healing, specifically.

To do this, I need to talk a little (hopefully) about myself, and a lot (hopefully) about crystals and crystal healing.

Milky Quartz Point
Red Phantom

I never planned to become a Crystal Healer. It just happened to me. Here are the 2 crystals that started it all – exhibit A – milky quartz point  from Knysna (Garden Route, South Africa,) and exhibit B – red phantom crystal . Two extraordinary stories, leading to me writing a book, Everyday Magic (2002)

When I stumbled on crystal healing, last century (!) there were a couple of big names in the field – namely Katrina Raphael and Melody. From what I can tell, both of them adopted healing styles coming from a background of shamanism. Also from what I can tell, they revived and built on ancient/traditional methods of working stones, the central theme being “laying on of stones.” This entails creating stone grids or layouts, either on or off the body, or a combination of both.

Other methods of accessing crystal energy are:

  • Placing strategically in the environment
  • Wearing or carrying in a pocket
  • Making an Elixir

At the time that I trained with Melody in the 90’s, I had already had the experience with the crystal from Knysna, plus several other interactions involving crystals that didn’t fit into any of the above categories. Namely, I was holding the crystals and “doing things” with them. I asked Melody what this was, and the answer was very simple — she said: “I don’t know. That is something new.”

Diamantina Laser Wand

The only similarities that I could find to the way that I was working with crystals were methods of opening chakras with diamantina laser wands, and oblique references to “psychic surgery” also done with laser wands. (Exhibit E – a diamantina laser wand)

That was over twenty years ago, in the mid-nineties. This brings me to what I believe will become the trend in the future – manifesting strongly in the 21st century – the use of crystals and crystal tools in a systematic and scientific manner in the practice of medicine.

At this time, I have developed over 100 step-by-step crystal healing techniques, all organized into no less than 5 volumes and manuals, for my courses at FourWinds Academy. And my tools have developed too – very specific stones, carefully organized in wands.

On a side note: the maker of these wands is right here in this building today. His name is Robert Scoop Geisel and he is at Spirit Dancer Crystals’ booth. He is a craftsman extraordinaire and it is an excellent idea to get to know him and his work.

For me, the big question became: How do I share this wealth of knowledge?

A book or a manual – or anything in print is not the best medium for this material. Here is one reason: the same stones are not available year after year, and so the techniques need to be updated accordingly. And here is another reason: it is essential to demonstrate the techniques – a verbal description is great, but just like cooking recipes – and the advent of cooking shows – demonstrations are the best, the quickest and the easiest ways to convey the material.

So let’s see now – a presentation that can be updated whenever needed, and a presentation that can include video demos – sounds like a web site to me!

And that is what we are currently building, a web site called Lots of free information, plus courses – priced as books are priced, not priced as courses are priced.

Now let’s actually talk about how to access assistance from the world of crystals.

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The great thing about crystals is how super-organized they are. And this organization can influence us to be better organized too. And if we are better organized we can better manifest what we want, so how about a little of that right now?

This is going to take 3 big actions, namely:

  • Choosing an intention
  • Shifting our brain waves
  • Programming a crystal to hold our intention

Each of these actions require some steps of their own.

First choose your intention.

When interacting with crystals it is essential to get your head into the game. And I mean this in a very specific way – we have to get our brain waves to the appropriate wavelength.

Let’s begin by adjusting our brain waves. The easiest way to adjust your brain waves is to go in through the respiratory mechanism. Breathing is a fascinating topic, because it is both a conscious and unconscious function. That means we can use our consciousness to regulate our breathing, or we can simply leave it 100% to our unconscious functioning. When we use our consciousness to regulate our breathing, we get a concomitant shift in consciousness. Let me talk you through the exercise first.

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