Crystal Healing: Family Dynamics Protection

“What about Protection?” — that is one of the first questions Vivien hears from her new Crystal Healing students.
Using a rudimentary version of Applied Kinesiology, Viv and Mary Beth demonstrate how just thinking about “family dynamics” weakens resistance; and then they follow up by demonstrating how holding Turquoise near her body strengthens Mary Beth’s resistance, and restores integrity to her system.
Vivien also explains when and why she made herself her Turquoise necklaces and earrings which have proven to be a fantastic armor against energetic challenges. The best is to test this for yourself, together with a friend.
Viv and Mary Beth do show you how to set everything up so that you can explore Turquoise, and other crystals and items, for their energetic effect on you.
The effect of disruption on the Energy Field is demonstrated in the video Crystal Healing: Demo of Energy Field and this video follows on from that content.